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The Hallucination called Realization

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The Hallucination called Realization:

Outside there is only TWO: 1: ordinary evil and then 2: unimaginable-evil.

Black Holes, Dark Matter, Death and Shakti.

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Black Holes, Dark Matter, Death and Shakti.
-- Fiction’s Black Hole called “reality.”--

Reality’s Universe gives us lots of Black Holes
and tons and tons of hidden "Dark Matter."

Samadhi and its thoughts, kundalini, reality.

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Samadhi, the "Everything" that thoughts make NONE.

when Samadhi is polluted with thoughts
then this "pollution of thoughts" is kundalini, shakti;

Science's Treason

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Science is a small knot of rules
that make fiction appear real.

To flirt with the vast cosmos of rules
is more than just treason for science,
it is suicide.


what do Karma Points measure?

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what does it take to lose your "Karma Points"?

the only real goal in "self-realization"
is NOT to accumulate Karma Points
but to lose them all
in all the BS

Realizing Self

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“Self-realization” reveals reality to be Fiction, Self’s Fiction.

Self-realization reveals that there is no “Me” only an apparent “You”

Kundalini's Samadhi

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Kundalini’s Samadhi.
There are only Really two dimensions to Reality that are really one: inside and outside.

Inside is Self
and outside is Now.

Death's suicide: Self-realization

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Life is foreplay for death.
Self-realization is its suicide.

The day we are born we are exactly like death:
we have no identity --
without an identity we are as good as dead.

Darkness' Light

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Light never created Darkness
'cause Darkness gave “birth” to Light.

Light CLAIMS to be “real”
by degrading its mother: Darkness.

Without the fear and hatred

Karma means conflict

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Karma means conflict.

Science's “survival of the fittest” is all about conflict, Karma.
To avoid this conflict is suicide.
to confront this conflict flirts with survival.