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Watch your skepticism when you invastigate your pension plan

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Investigating a pension plan is a tedious and analytically-challenging task if you are not an insurance savvy.

A bomb blast in the popular German Bakery near Osho Ashram in Pune

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Anyone ever been to the Osho ashram/resort in Pune is familiar with the popular German Bakkery nearby where everybody is meeting, drinking and eating before and after the ashram sessions.

It occured to me that God may not exist

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It occurred to me yesterday that it is very unlikely that something like God exists.

The main idea is about whether there is such an entity with consciousness.

The factors

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First is the sexual urge.

Then comes the desire for food.

And only then comes the mind.

The Split

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One day when I woke up in the morning there were two.

The seer.

And all the rest.

It seemed somehow difficult to function this way.

He was not under my tight control anymore.

why some gain weight and some not

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I have found out the following by experience. I know it will sound to some as spiritual bullshit or too simplistic but it works. I swear. It explains all the many enigmas concerning obesity.