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Sympathy - the true spirituality

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Sympathy by Rare Birds - Live

Now when you climb
into your bed tonight,

Being genuine is more important than winning the game

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Being genuine is more important than winning the game.

Sometimes it will prevent you from achieving your aim.

That's ok.

Why are you afraid of thoughts?

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Someone asked me in a private message why I am afraid of thoughts. The question probably came after he read my blog post in http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/trick-break-identification-thinker.

A trick to break identification with the thinker

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First bring into awareness the sense of "I", bring it by looking for the thinker, the presupposed intimate subject that does the thinking, the "you" that thinks.

Build your own prayer - a guide

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Praying is a powerful tool on the spiritual path.

The path is spiral, not cyclic

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Sometimes it seems to you that you are moving in circles in your spiritual path: I have already read this book, already done this meditation, already sat in satsang with this teacher, already underwen

Do you remember that you also are?

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You see this room and you conclude that it exists, can you conclude that you also exist?

You see this table in front of you and you realize that it is, can you realize that you also are?

The now is boring, says the mind

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It's petrifying how little from the world truly exists: only the now.

Such a narrow flickering glimpse.

The past is memory. The future is simulation. And they are both occurring in the now, the recalling of the memory, the playing of the simulation. Aren't they?