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A Concept in Motion

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A number of years ago, during one of Mr. William Allen LePar’s trances with his source, The Council, we were discussing reality as we understood it.

Making the best use of time

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Man rarely looks at the shortness of his stay in this learning place that you call "Earth," that you call "Life."

True Geniuses or the Blessed Souls of Heaven Part 1

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What I have for you is some very interesting channeled material that I will post in three parts over the next couple of days. One part today the second tomorrow and the third the day after.

True Geniuses or the Blessed Souls of Heaven Part 2

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Yes, except one more thing. Why does this happen at all, that they have this ability but it is more or less that they cannot use it?

The Council:

The Truth About Medjugorje

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If I wrote in this article that everything that happened at Medjugorje was not true, that it was all faked and explain how it was done, I am sure that it would make the news worldwide.

The wonders of our today were created from our yestersdays.

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The Council: You do not leave the material manifestation without leaving your mark whether it be good or bad, positive or negative, so that if you were to do something that would have repercussions tw