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Sparkle your light

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sparkle sparkle in my eye
that twinkles low and twinkles high
that twinkles here and twinkles there
that twinkles almost every where
thank you for your super shine
for lighting up desired signs

Sitting here in stillness

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Sitting, sitting sitting still
I look within this life
sitting, sitting, sitting here
I let my light shine bright
sitting, sitting, sitting still
love shines through my heart


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Gonna turn upside down
Sway from side to side
Move and flow
With the changing tide
Gonna sing real loud
Free my caged in voice
Float like a cloud
explore and rejoice
Gonna choose to accept

Song - IIs Vi De Ze La

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Iis vi de ze la
ohn tua zi de pua
iis vi de ze la
ze lo

when your heart is blue
I know that you are too
but your love's still
shining through

that shining light within

Always Growing

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somewhere beyond the light that holds this little soul in tact, is a wonder of mind blowing recognition and ambition.

In Process

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I don't know
why you have come
into my life
but I know
that it's ok
that we can live
just for today
and have the time
of our lives
enjoying what
comes through
just to trust

I fold

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I just know that I want you to be happy
in all my sadness and deep pain
I know that I just want the best for you
to let you go free and run like a wild horse
to grow like wild flowers

What is Love?

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It’s interesting, love.
I’m not sure I have ever really known what it means.
Does is sit in our minds, our brains, our hearts,
our spirits, our souls, our emotions, all of these?

In A Time of Madness

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In a time of sadness
In a time of madness
There is something shining
Down upon this Earth

We have the magic in us
We have the love
We have it all

People crying
People dying


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may our energy be pure
and our alignment one with source
may our beauty flowers blossom
with the love that we bring forth

may we dance upon the stars
and sing the love we have within