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I am alive...finally!

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It struck me recently when I saw my little 2 year old nephew peering over the top of the dinner table that his eyes are alive, they are living cells and whilst I knew this on an intellectual level I h

Jesus' true sacrifice

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People say Jesus’ greatest sacrifice was to die for mankind, thus absolving our sins. The church’s most potent symbol is, after all, the cross.

where does religion lead us?

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I live in Ireland, a country in which most people claim to be Christian, either Catholic or Protestant.

Examine deeply your opinions - Are they true?

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Real eyes realise
Man’s own disguise,
Real eyes realise the World’s great lies.
Not even World’s,
but Mind’s strange truths,
That wind and twine through One’s Life.

eye of the beholder

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it’s about an ancient Egyptian belief - their symbol for creation was the eye, it is translated as “to build” or “to do”…

poem - i didn't know what else to write for my 1st blog!

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To all I share something I once wrote, I don't know if anyone can see this:

Inner child
Wisdom wild,
Leads me on a merry dance
by the hand but not by chance.
From lie of land