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How to cope with fear?

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Someone asked me:

Too much fear is sprouting, what to do?

My answer was:

The blessing and the curse of aesthetics

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Beauty in people unrelated to you is elating.

Beauty in peers is a torment.

And everybody you are connected with is a peer.

In saying connection and relation we, of course, mean mental.

Why people adopt a radical view of reality?

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Adopting a radical view about reality, adapting a belief which completely disagrees with any direct experience, adapting a system which negates everything, adapting in a religious way a doctrine in wh

Embrace the body in order to disidentify from it

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Intellectually, I am convinced that I am not the body. Thinking that I am the body is such a ridiculous idea as I have so little control over it. How can I be something I have no control over?