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Merry Christmas

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"...Christmas is like a thunderstorm
That comes every year to remind us
The love of God and his willingness
to save us from our sins...

~Merry Christmas to all my Divine Friends~.~...

Ashtavakra Gita....Chapter 3

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Ashtavakra Gita...
Chapter 3

Ashtavakra said:
Knowing yourself as truly one and indestructible,
how could a wise man like you-
one possessing self-knowledge-

Ashtavakra Gita....Chapter-2

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Chapter 2

Janaka said:
Truly I am spotless and at peace,
the awareness beyond natural causality.
All this time I have been afflicted by delusion.

As I alone give light to this body,

Ashtavakra Gita....

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Ashtavakra Gita...
Chapter 1

Janaka said:
How is knowledge to be acquired?
How is liberation to be attained?
And how is dispassion to be reached?
Tell me this, sir.

Ashtavakra said:


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"...Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world..."


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"...East and West must establish a golden middle path of activity and spirituality combined... I perceive potential saints in America and Europe, waiting to be awakened..."

Control of MIND...

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“...You may control a mad elephant;
You may shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
Ride the lion and play with the cobra;
By alchemy you may learn your livelihood;

Love gives without expecting anything in return....

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God's Greatest "GIFT"....

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Love makes possible of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING....Man Desires....
"...Love is the SEED of Volcano of Miracles...."

Secret of every success is LOVE...

Human Love...has the most MIRACULOUS POWER....

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With advanced Yogic Practices...penetrating in Astral world, miraculous acts can be done....