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Realize that The Essence of Everything is Peace

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"It is very beneficial to understand
that the essence of everything
is peace;

that the essential nature
of everything is nondual conscious bliss.

The Fastest Path to Joy

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"Find a way
to love this moment.

Find a way
to become devotional
to this moment.

In all honesty,
this is the fastest
way to joy.

If you look to get something out
of this moment,

Everything Dissolves into Peace in Meditation

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"In meditation and in awareness
you are allowing everything to move back into
its essential nature of energy.

You are allowing everything
to dissolve back into the one conscious energy

How to Be Free from Suffering

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"Because we are attached
to things being a certain way,
we experience suffering.

We experience an unhappiness
that is beyond emotion;
a sense of unfulfillment
because things are not the way

How to Realize Inner Silence

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"We create ourselves
on top of the silence that is here.

We build ourselves up
to be a certain someone
that expects things to be a certain way.

But it is all built out of thoughts.

How to Be Free from The Ego-Mind

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"Every time you identify with
that part of the mind
that is always seeking
always wanting something
always worrying, always judging,
you make it stronger.

You know that feeling

Zen and The Art of True Seeing

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"Have you ever noticed,
when you see something that
you have never seen before,
something the mind does not
know or understand,
you really see it,
you give your full attention to it.

How to Reach 'No Mind' in Meditation

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"No-mind actually comes
through relaxation.

You allow yourself to be
exactly as you are
until you get to the point
where you are as you are,
there is no judgment about it

How to Be Free of Thought Identification

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"Most people live
in a conceptual reality.
They cannot experience this moment
truly as it is because
there is too much noise
on top of what is here.

And people are addicted to that noise.

How to Dissolve Hurt into Bliss in Meditation

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"You cannot realize
the peace that you are
by playing the victim.

If you believe your unhappiness
is caused by outer circumstances
then you are simply a prisoner
of your own reactions.