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The Importance of Spending Time Alone for Enlightenment

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"It is good to spend
an extended period of time alone
if you are able.

When you are alone
and not distracting yourself
with social media, emails or phone;
when you give yourself the time

Reaching the Tao of Nondoing in Meditation

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"At the essence of being,
there is the natural zero-point
of effortless nondoing,
of pure natural stillness.

But if you take effortless nondoing
as a practice,

Feeling Consciousness: An Effective Form of Self Inquiry

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"It is often said
that the main cause of suffering
is identification with thinking.

But if you do not use thinking
to perceive this moment,
what is left?

If you close your eyes

Stillness is at The Core of All Experience

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"At the core of every experience
is stillness.

You don't get to stillness
by rejecting your experience
in this moment for some idea of silence,
but by allowing your experience

From Live Satsang: Falling in Love with This Moment

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(Quote from Live Satsang -Click here to hear it on youtube)

"How can you not be
madly in love with this moment;

You Are Attention Itself

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"Many spiritual seekers make the mistake
of identifying with their history
as who they are
and expect that person
(which is just attention attached to memory)
will attain enlightenment.

The Spiritual Path of Non Resistance

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"When you realize there is nothing
that is not consciousness
then you can allow yourself
to experience every moment
without resistance.

Because in the mind
whether it be conscious

The Inner Revolution

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"A lot of people at the moment
are looking for a revolution.

They are seeing corruption
in the government,
corruption in religion,
corruption in the economy.

It's Impossible to Be Unhappy in This Moment

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"It is impossible
to be unhappy in this moment.

If you are aware,
surrendered completely in this moment
then you are free from unhappiness.

Unhappiness only exists

Awakening the Mind into Consciousness

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"Consider how the mind
opens and closes:

When you identify yourself
as a something, as a someone,
it is closed,
it is contracted into being a something.

Yet when there is no identification