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From a Live Satsang: The Essence of Everything is Peace

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Hope you enjoy this excerpt from a recent satsang.
To Hear it (It's nice to listen to while reading)
Click Here

Intensifying Your Spiritual Practice

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"One of the reasons we do spiritual practice
is to push our attention
beyond this sense of 'me.'

You do a little meditation,
get a little Shakti,
and you will find a little peace

The One Absolute Consciousness is Looking through Your Eyes

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"It is helpful to recognize
that the one infinite consciousness
is looking through your eyes;
is aware of this moment
through and as your form.

If you really look,
you will see it is not

Living as Surrender

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This quote is from a live satsang which you can listen to
by playing this youtube video.

The Infinite Peace of Nothingness

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"If you throw a rock
at something solid,
that solid thing will be damaged,
it will be hurt.

But if you throw a rock at air,
the air is not damaged nor hurt.
The air is unchanging.

"Story about the Buddha" from Recent Satsang

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This is from a recent Satsang/Meditation
which can be heard on this Youtube Video Here

"I've heard a story about the Buddha

How to Witness this Moment

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"How do you witness this moment?

By allowing it to be exactly as it is.
You do not get involved with it,
dramatize it, analyze it
or try and change it.

You just let your experience

"Ocean of Joy" from Recent Satsang

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This is an excerpt from a recent satsang.
You can hear it by playing this Youtube video

"You can get to that place where

Fixate Your Attention on Consciousness Itself

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"One meditation method would be
to become completely enamored
with consciousness;
to let your attention be
completely fixated on itself.

Whether you experience
consciousness as being,

Awakening to the Pure Peace of Nothingness

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"In pure consciousness,
there is no 'I.'

There is the absence of any object or subject.

And that is profoundly peaceful;
profoundly satisfying.
A feeling of completely being at home.