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Peace is at Your Essence of What You Are

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"Peace is not something you attain.
It is what you are.
Peace is at the essence of this moment.
Everything in this moment
is made of this peace.

So then we can conclude

In Meditation, Awareness Relaxes Back into Itself

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"In the path of awareness,
in meditation,
you learn to stop paying attention
to the content of thoughts
and begin to rest your attention
on the awareness that is aware of thoughts.

Universal Consciousness

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This quote is from an excerpt of a recent satsang. You can hear it on youtube by clicking here. It's nice to listen to while reading it.

Meditation, Awareness & Nothingness

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"Awareness is not concentration.

Concentration is narrowing your attention
on one particular object,
shutting out everything else.
Concentration is something you do with effort.

The Paths of Awareness & Devotion

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"Once you have awakened into the experience
of consciousness and energy,
there are two main practices:

One is to rest in the nothingness
in every moment.

You go beyond being transfixed

Spiritual Awakening through Grace

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"The real process of spiritual awakening
cannot be known; cannot be put into words.

Because ultimately Grace itself,
Shakti itself awakens you
in ways that will be both unique to you

Letting Go of Thoughts in Meditation

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"Meditation can be as simple as
not being caught up in thinking;
not holding on to anything.

Thoughts arise
and you grab hold of them;
you get involved with them.

Absolute Consciousness is Looking through Your Eyes

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"It is helpful to recognize
that the one infinite consciousness
is looking through your eyes;
is aware of this moment
through and as your form.

If you really look,
you will see it is not

Experiencing Consciousness as Limitless

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"Try and feel this moment.
Not emotionally, not mentally,
but through sensation.

That does not mean
feeling your bum on the chair
because that is thinking.

You are thinking

The Intensity of Being

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"If you watch your thoughts,
you will see that a lot of things
you claim you want,
you don't actually want.

If you are hungry, you desire to eat.
When you eat, that desire is fulfilled.