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The Importance of Surrender in Meditation

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"Meditation techniques & spiritual practices
are extremely important
but do not necessarily
take you directly into meditation.

They might, they might not.

For many,

How to Be Free from Most of Your Suffering

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"A lot of your suffering
comes from what you are putting
into your mind and body:
The food you eat,
the alcohol/drugs/stimulants you take,
the media you watch, the music you listen to,

Offering 100% Attention

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"Offer 100 percent attention
to whatever you do.

If you do that,
no matter what the outcome,
you will be fulfilled.

There is no real peace or love
when you scatter your attention

In Surrender There is Awareness

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"Everyone has situations
in their life where they say
'It's impossible to be present
in this situation.'

But impossibility
only exists in your thinking.
You are only holding on

Moving from The Sense of "I am" into "No Separation" in Meditation

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"'I am' and 'everything is'
are the same.

You may start in meditation with resting in 'I am,'
and feeling your sense of being
that is beyond thinking.

And that may turn into witnessing.

Witness Consciousness in Meditation

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"There are 4 things required
in order to be able to become
a witness to thoughts.

The first is the full allowing
of thinking to be.

If you try and manipulate thinking

Become Comfortable Just Being Consciousness

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"Become comfortable
just being consciousness.

Become aware of awareness itself
and let your attention remain there.

Don't look to get anything out of it,
just let your attention rest

The Experience of Infinite Joy

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"When you immerse your attention
into the peace that is the essence
of this moment,
you find that it is limitless.

It is completely formless
and that formless peace
goes on forever.

Clear Seeing: Transcending Object/Subject Experience

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"An object
does not become an object
separate from you
until you define it.

In order to not define it,
you simply remain in awareness.

You do not allow your attention
to leave awareness

Three Paths to Pure Consciousness

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"To be alive
is to be conscious in this moment.

In order to be conscious
you have to fully allow everything
in this moment to be as it is.

Awareness can only fully reveal itself