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How to Experience Nothingness in Meditation

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"When the mind becomes clear in the sense
of you as a person is washed away
when thoughts are washed away,
there is just the clarity of consciousness
of nothingness.

Meditation Becomes An Inner Bowing

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“There is a certain attitude
that develops over time
for real meditation to happen.

Most of us start meditating
with a certain level of arrogance and egotism

How to Realize Fulfillment in Meditation

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“Everyone has a feeling of void inside them.

And we constantly try to fill this void
with food, with sex, with drugs,
with conflict and distractions,
with beliefs and knowledge.

How to Strenthen Your Awareness in Meditation

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"As you start to grow in awareness in meditation,
it is like you have all of these rubber bands attached to thoughts.

You are present, and then you are pulled back into thoughts.

How to Quiet the Mind in Meditation

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"The mind projects stories
on top of this moment.

This moment itself in its essence
is free of stories.

It is through the stories of the mind
that you are this person
in this environment

Consciousness, Nothingness & The Void

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"The mind must cling on to something.
It clings on to the body,
clings on to thoughts,
clings on to emotions.

When it can cling on to something, it feels real,

Meditation: Noticing that Consciousness Is

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"If you close your eyes in this moment and
let go of being involved with both thinking & doing,

then that sense of being separate disappears
and all that is left is consciousness.

Advaita Vedanta: How to Reach Nondual Consciousness in Meditation

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This quote is from last week's satsang.
You can listen to it by playing this youtube video
Nice to listen to while reading.

"You cannot define yourself.

From A Live Satsang: Living in Oneness & Fulfillment

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This quote is from a recent live satsang.
You can listen to it by playing this youtube video
It's nice to listen to while reading:

"The essence of this moment
is oneness, peace, fulfillment.

Dissolving the Ego into Peace in Meditation

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"At one level in meditation,
one movement into consciousness,
there is a sense of 'me' and there is consciousness.

And at a gross level, these two seem to be separate.