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When You Don't Hold on to Thinking, You Are Peace Itself

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"When you hold on to thinking,
then you are a person.

It is not wrong
but that is what makes you a person;
the attention grabbing hold of and being
involved with thinking.

Broken into Enlightenment

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"If you live consciously,
there is tremendous grace in hardship.

We like to imagine that
enlightenment is just another gift we get.

But for enlightenment to happen, you must be torn apart.

Freedom from Contraction is Freedom from Separation

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“In meditation,
become aware of the two experiences
of contraction and non-contraction.

When you are trying to control this moment
or when you are involved in thinking,

Doorway to The Infinite

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"This very moment is limitless.
It is a doorway to the infinite.

But in order to go through the doorway,
you must relinquish all ideas, all concepts.

Taking Refuge in Consciousness - The Place You Love the Most

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"You should strive to be happy.
Make yourself a happy life as best as you can.

But it is inevitable that sometimes you won’t.
And those times are incredibly important.

Awakening into The Infinite

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"There is a level of reality in this moment
that is beyond all definitions.

It is conscious but to define it as consciousness
limits what it really is.

It is infinite, fathomless.

Awakening Infinite Goodness

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“We have these subtle conditions
we put on ourselves.

‘If I get enough money,
if I get enough love,
if I get enough success
if I can be aware enough then I will be happy.’

Our Own Human-ness is the Doorway to Peace & Oneness

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"I talked to my Dad today. He has Alzheimer's
and had to go into full time care and he is upset.

Knowing my Dad is upset makes me unhappy.
I don’t want him to suffer.

How to Realize Unconditional Peace

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"There is this driving force in our western culture
to keep looking forward.
To keep striving for something to happen in the future.
‘If things could be this way, then I will be at peace.’

The Radiance of Being

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"One of the greatest things that can happen
to you on the spiritual journey
is you lose the will to keep going forward.

Because the mind is always going forward.