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Some times in order to find out just how deep the Rabbit hole gets one has to Go Underground...

Does anyone have a clue as to what I might find down there???

Please advise...

Science of Absolute LIFE

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They say that there is nothing more Powerful than an Idea whose time has come, well then, in a few more decades maybe the world will be ready for what I am talking about right now.

Self Awakening and the Absolution of Ego

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WELCOME My Friends to the Transcendental Nation!!!

You are about to be given the opportunity for Celestial Aristocracy in Divine Empire, so be sure to use your Choices wisely...

Universal Brotherhood

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Enlightened Planetary Civilization, Immortal Society, Celestial Aristocracy of Royal Nobility and Divine Empire.

To Ego of No-go

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Preamble Ramble:

Personal Ego= Body identified cognitive functions operating as biological programs within the Bionuclear Field of the individual, this aspect of ego which feels and bleeds.

Metaphysical Realities

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The subject of Divine Genetics might be a little too deep even for the Exalted Souls who inhabit this site, and so let's try to bring things down to a more basic level and examine some of the primary

Divine Genetics

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Well, I can probably assume that nobody will know what I am talking about here, even though you may already be familiar with some of it.

Immortality and the Meaning of Life

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“What is the meaning of life” many have wondered.
The goals, dreams and aspirations that many have pondered.

But behind it all lies the “I Am” who sees.

Guard Your Heart

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Why is it we struggle, why must we strive?
Why do we never really seem to come Alive?

In the day to day drudgery we spend our time.
Winds of Change seem to blow without reason or rhyme.

MORTAL Futility

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Drowning in ignorance the world doesn’t even care to know
About Union with God so the Status Quo has definitely got to go.

All are separate God is far away and life is all about me