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Don't forget to also accept the consequences

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Sometimes accepting something undesirable means also to accept the undesirable consequences of this something.

Is dependant acceptance enough?

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Great pain, I accept you, I renounce any direct resistance. I surrounder.

But not totally.

If I say that I accept you totally it will be a lie. And I don't believe I can fool you.

A sadhana with Leonard Cohen in Tel Aviv

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I went 2 days ago to the concert of Leonard Cohen in Tel Aviv. It was in front of an audience of about 50,000 people - the biggest in this world tour.

Reflections from Jerusalem

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I am in Jerusalem.

Although I live in Israel (in Tel Aviv), visiting in Jerusalem is for me like going abroad.

On Spiritual Advices

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Religions instigate guilt

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In a very popular pray sang by Jews in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, there is a sentence that goes as follows:

We have sinned before you, have mercy on us.

True Surrender

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You have been told that in order to get rid of something painful, you have to accept it, not to resist it.