A Singing Dancing Love Light

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Not everyone resonates with what I speak

And want to debate this intellectually

All attempts at sounding obtusely clever


An armchair discussion

Oh... Shiuli... Shiuli

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And she a voice come over the air waves
Of the hurting and the heart break

And a world that made no sense

As the world unravels
All the ideas you held you held of yourself

This Yearning

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I never looked for a picture of you
The words came forth
And you came alive through them

An image as good as any likeness of a picture
Ripples on the waters
Of a flowing stream

Love and Respect Yourself

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Love and Respect Yourself

Clever Little Bunny

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Objectification and unicity have bled into each other and I can't tell the difference anymore

Words lose their sway

And then I like a line or two or four here and there and I go ooohhh

Her Gossamer Gown... This Tapestry

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She sat on a garden chair

For hours on end

Doing nothing

Delighting in the gold fish cavorting in the pond

An eagle flew overhead

A parrot streaked across

Stand By Me

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Oh darlin'

The emptiness of it all
Is like a punch in the stomach
Can be devastating as hell

And a strange melancholy
Strums the strings
Of the heart guitar

Thought Versus Action

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The Council: "Those of you who quest for spirituality must understand what real spirituality is. It is not the act of kindness or loving or caring. It is the thought that instigates the act.

Worlds Within Worlds

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I can't say anything except I love you

Knowing that I can but stand by

Like a ghostly apparition

And hold your hand
And cry with you
And smile with you

The River Sings

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The breath inside the breath

On the strings of a heart guitar

And a whisper and a tune

Riding the waves

This thought stream flows

Enchanting seductress this
A moth to the flame