Thought Versus Action

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The Council: "Those of you who quest for spirituality must understand what real spirituality is. It is not the act of kindness or loving or caring. It is the thought that instigates the act.

Worlds Within Worlds

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I can't say anything except I love you

Knowing that I can but stand by

Like a ghostly apparition

And hold your hand
And cry with you
And smile with you

The River Sings

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The breath inside the breath

On the strings of a heart guitar

And a whisper and a tune

Riding the waves

This thought stream flows

Enchanting seductress this
A moth to the flame

And The Show Goes On

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I hung on to hope
Of how things should be

And a fear that goes hand in hand
With the hope

Lest it all cave in

With nothing to hang on

And the handholds gone

The Threads Of Life

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As the hail stones the evening before
Pounded on the glass doors to the balcony

And the whistling winds
Sang full throated

And thundering clouds
Played a symphony

Atlantis, Dinosaurs and Polar Change

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This quote from William LePar's spiritual source The Council has a lot to say. It answers the question of what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and also makes a prediction for the future.

A Hundred Thousand Leaves

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The end of that which never was

And Nothing at all

Dancing at the edge of a feather

In and through
And each other

2 Books

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2 Books!

Recently 2 books have been published

Bird Song


Heart Songs

Sheer delight in having put them together....

Love and Respect Yourself

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The following is a closing message from a trance with William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. It encourages us to love and respect ourselves. It was a constant theme with them.

A Million Gigs Playing In The Head

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It's all always spontaneous

There's the rub

We might prefer one image over another... and there's nothing right or wrong about that

We are our preferences