Master Chrism aka Master Predator

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I was a private student of chrism as I was deeply in Kundalini syndrome and looking for any kind of help I could find.


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In this discussion between a researcher in SOL’s Research and Study Group and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, there is an interesting dialogue concerning hypnosis.

In Less Than A Moment

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And there was no inside
Nor outside left

Love's fragrance swirled everywhere

And air was breath
And breath became air

A lover's kiss
A beloved's embrace

Without the separation

A Singing Dancing Love Light

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Not everyone resonates with what I speak

And want to debate this intellectually

All attempts at sounding obtusely clever


An armchair discussion

Oh... Shiuli... Shiuli

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And she a voice come over the air waves
Of the hurting and the heart break

And a world that made no sense

As the world unravels
All the ideas you held you held of yourself

This Yearning

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I never looked for a picture of you
The words came forth
And you came alive through them

An image as good as any likeness of a picture
Ripples on the waters
Of a flowing stream

Love and Respect Yourself

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Love and Respect Yourself

Clever Little Bunny

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Objectification and unicity have bled into each other and I can't tell the difference anymore

Words lose their sway

And then I like a line or two or four here and there and I go ooohhh

Her Gossamer Gown... This Tapestry

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She sat on a garden chair

For hours on end

Doing nothing

Delighting in the gold fish cavorting in the pond

An eagle flew overhead

A parrot streaked across

Stand By Me

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Oh darlin'

The emptiness of it all
Is like a punch in the stomach
Can be devastating as hell

And a strange melancholy
Strums the strings
Of the heart guitar