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From my Teacher. Believe not the lies of others.

The Sacred Threshold

Floating Clouds, Strung On A String

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Echoes murmuring

Into the background

Even as these songs of silence sing

Empty chamber
Echoeless cliffs

The echoes of my own heart song
For which I thirsted

All's Right With The World

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The presence of love... a happy garden

Many years ago, a friend of mine
She died a while back...

Got heavily involved in Vaastu... the Indian equivalent of Feng Shui

Blind Sided

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Blind sided
By definitive pronouncements

And a clingy need
Of fixed positions

To keep one safe
From the swirling of tempestuous hurricanes
Of this flowing tapestry

Using Our Inner Strength

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William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, suggests that we reach out after we have looked inward.

Swinging From The Banana Tree

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Snake oil salesmen...come in many garbs

Saying "I am awake"

Many teachers say that... and believes it

And the seekers around them buy into the belief... hook line and sinker

In The Sparkle Of Your Own Tears

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There's no right or wrong way to think... or be...

It's a radical way of living

This shift in perception

Floodlit Billboards In The Sky

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And stars and grains of sand

Flowers and scuttling crabs

The tears spilling from coffee cups

The smiles, jumping off roller coaster rides

Presence of love felt acutely in the heart

Beware of Master Chrism / Chris Mitchell

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The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness about the biggest sexual and spiritual predator, pretending to be the grandmaster of Kundalini -THE FAKE MASTER CHRISM.

Wonder... Appearing... Disappearing

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It's wonderful to be alive
To be this life

And yet every moment
Right this moment

The readiness to lay down and die

Every breath
Living and dying unto itself