Jostling Playfully

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No graven image

However gilded
Carved in marble and lime stone
Adorned in gold leaf
And rubies

Can touch the ever flowing
Uncapturable liquidity
Ephemeral beauty of this

What is Gods name?

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Is Krishna, Balarama, Radha, Buddha, Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahman, (names with the utmost highest regard, significance, importance, esteem, value, in any religion, spiritual tradition) ***- (

It Is As It Is

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And if only
Life were just so

All would be tickety-boo

And you could live your life
Without a care in the world

It was never your life
Nor a life playing you

You are not dreaming

The Awe And Joy Of Simply Being

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I opened my balcony window
The morn has still not dawned yet

And spied a large owl sitting on the window ledge a floor below
In the dark a white face... white breasted... and luminous eyes

Humor is the Healing Balm

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Humor is the Healing Balm

Showing Others the Way

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The Council: You may find it much easier to help others when you first help yourself.

A Cloud And A Pine Tree

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When we were little... my dad would take us for our summer holidays to the hills of Shimla

We went there 5 years in a row

The Makeup of the Atom - What is Beyond Our Viewing - Part Two

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The Makeup of the Atom - What is Beyond Our Viewing - Part Two

This And That

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This and that
Me and you

I've seen this sort of thing played out in my own life

And it makes me sad

That love is used as a bargaining chip

To manipulate the dream

The Great Aloneness

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The great aloneness

She leaned into the lean to
To shelter from the storm
The lean to collapsed
And along with it...she

Hail... storm... and calm