Zion is more Matrix than the Matrix

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I am watching Matrix again.

It is playing on some TV channel right now.

When I first watched Matrix in the cinema years ago, I knew nothing about Advaita.

The very core concept behind what we call Advaita looked to me back then way too radical to regard it seriously.

Years passed.

I learned about Advaita.

Despite deep-rooted conditioning contra the concept of Advaita, it pulled my interest.

There were considerable doubts.

After all, it was still a theory.

It was a matter of belief or disbelief.

A matter of decision.

A gamble.

It wasn't based, of course, on any direct personal experience.

Then I learned about Neo Advaita.

As happens to many, I tended to favor this appealing approach.

No effort? no responsibility? Who will not favor such a thesis?!

But then when I deepened my interest in Neo Advaita, very soon I discovered the superficial flaws in it.

The impurity. The imperfection. The erroneous conclusions.

The underlying false foundations and ignorant interpretations of pure Advaita.

The amateurish confusion between absolute reality and relative reality.

And consequently the false promises that lead nowhere.

I understood why they nickname it Pseudo Advaita.

Ironically, this only strengthened my belief in pure Advaita.

Then I read the divine words of Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Never read such perfect words before.

I couldn't not to believe this old man.

His words were almost equivalent to direct personal experience.

Now I am watching Matrix again.

It looks now like a nice joke.

It has more flaws than Neo Advaita has.

Both are distorted products of the American fast-food western culture.

Zion which is supposed to be beyond the Matrix, is more Matrix than the Matrix.

Sex. Romantic love. Hatred. Fear. Duality. Prophecy. Physical reality. Mind.

If you analyze it closely, there is no much difference between Zion and the Matrix.

The differences are only technological and cultural.

Marginal differences.

No difference.

But you cannot expect more from Hollywood.

Even not from that part of Hollywood which has some rare good intentions.

Still, there is an immense importance to the Matrix movie.

It used the enormous influence, the film media has on the masses, to make the masses start think differently.

Which is not something you can say about Neo Advaita.

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Leo's strength is completely dependent on belief that the matrix is an illusion.

One doubt regarding the illusory nature of the matrix and the bullets of the evils wound him mortally.

Like this yogic exercise in which a man is looking directly at the sun. If he loses his concentration even for a micro second, he gets blind.

not_me | Tue, 06/30/2009 - 20:52
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Love this observation...
"The amateurish confusion between absolute reality and relative reality."...
I've observed the same...
where the realities get crossed over when convenient
to avoid feeling..
thanks for your post.

soul | Mon, 10/26/2009 - 21:53
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Advaita – there is ONLY ONE: reality is its fiction. Fiction is fiction – reality only appears different from fiction.
The Matrix's message is Advaita's ONLY message: it makes no difference if the fiction called reality is inside the computer or outside, it makes no difference if the computer is connected to just a brain
or a brain inside a meaningless body... or if the computer is inside another computer inside another computer … from another universe inside another computer.. that is on a DVD a child is playing.

genep | Mon, 08/09/2010 - 04:58