Zen and The Art of True Seeing

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"Have you ever noticed,
when you see something that
you have never seen before,
something the mind does not
know or understand,
you really see it,
you give your full attention to it.

But once the mind has defined it,
described it and judged it,
you don't really see it anymore.

Even if you do look at it,
you don't really see it,
you only see the definitions, descriptions
and judgments about it.

The thoughts about it
have gotten in the way of
really seeing it.

It's not the thoughts
that are the trouble,
it's that we keep carrying them around.

Someone did something you didn't like years ago,
and every time you see them
you remember that thing they did.

It separates you from really
seeing them.

One way to get back to true seeing
is to drop the thoughts.

To practice surrendering the thoughts
to the present moment.

The same thoughts you have been
holding on to may keep coming up.
That is fine, you keep surrendering them.

Any label comes up about something
that is not necessary to label,
then you let that label go.

Because if you begin to see things
without the filter of mental perception,
you will experience everything
in a completely new way.

Everything will be fresh and new.

And as you go deeper,
you will see everything is divine,
everything is the guru, everything
is the same conscious bliss
in different beautiful forms.

The other way to really see
is through love and devotion.

If you really love someone, then no matter
what they did to you in the past,
it is gone, it is irrelevant.

Maybe words at some point needed to be said
so you could be free from the words,
but once they are said, it is gone.

If you really love someone,
you only really recognize that love,
you recognize a beauty about them
that is eternal, that is perfection.

So if you show everything
that same love,
that same devotion,
your life will be about joy.

It won't be about your problems,
your desires, your needs, your fears
your knowledge, your opinions.
It will be about joy.
It will be about God,
Guru, Consciousness,
whatever word doesn't offend you.

Much love,


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