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What is needed nowadays is the correction and acceptance of a new path given through a Great Soul.
Gurudev has incarnated on Earth, in order to fulfill this important mission and his parampara abiding at Great Primordial concepts from where every thing were created...., is the elected parampara by the Supreme in order give correction to the old spiritual paths given to humanity by Great Souls in the past and to re-establish the correct Yugadharma (Spiritual Law of this era) bringing up a new path, that gives us the opportunity to attain spiritual liberation at a tremendous speed like never before.
This is an experienced Truth. Spiritual realization cannot come to you as a miracle done by your Guru. Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Rama Tirtha have all done sadhana(spiritual practices).
Lord Krishna asks Arjuna to develop vairagya (dispassion)and abhyasa(practice). He did not say to him, "I will give you mukti -liberation- now."
Therefore, abandon the wrong notion that your Guru will give you instant liberation. You have to strive, perform positive deeds, pray, meditate, and realize. The seeker should not sit idle. He must work hard in order to attain liberation. The more you practice, the more benefit for your soul. Nowadays, many people want a magic pill to push them into full realization. If you have got such delusion, give it up immediately. Swami Poornananda ji (Direct Disciple of Maitreya ji)