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I have written a few blogs about the need for Bhakti, in addition to Jnana. It is such an important concept, that I want to drive it home. As God, the One, are Love itself; in it's most impersonal sense, we must be Love to "know" it.

As much as I have emphasized Love, I want to remind you that this relationship between Love and Wisdom has to be in balance. Unlike the illustration, you'r balance may not be "equal", but require a bit more of one or the other.

Perhaps you tend to be on the academic side. Maybe a bit dry. Maybe afraid of emotion, or close human or even animal involvement. Then you may want to work on the heart. Open up. Dwell there in devotion to something. If you have no "belief" in God, then open to the universe itself, or that longing that has brought you to this moment. Use your mind to "ground" yourself in your usual way, and then open to Love. Dwell on that which arouses devotion. Once that is established, remove both the "I" thought and the object of devotion. Be still in that place of "empty" devotion. This is your nature. The balance is found.

Maybe you are just the opposite; you are very emotional. Maybe a bit "over the top" emotionally. Maybe always deciding what other's needs are without thinking about their "person-hood". Then you may want to engage in self inquiry. Find out who is being emotional. Step outside the "person" you take yourself to be. Find who you are in the person who's needs you aim to satisfy. Think on them as the Supreme. Do for them with the Love and respect you would give to the Supreme. Give them, and all you meet, from the depths of your mind as well as your heart. Once the mind is established in the "I AM" thought, remove both the "I" thought and the object of your assistance. Be still in that place of "empty" mind. This is your nature. The balance is found.

Each has to find their own Balance.

Wisdom, that is informed by Love itself, will perform only acts in line with the Eternal. Love, informed by Wisdom itself, devotes itself to only the Highest.

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Thank you

Beautifully said! Thank you!

gentlyok | Sat, 08/21/2010 - 11:57