Your most fundamental fears

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Your most fundamental fears are inherited

Your most fundamental fears, the ones that grievously spoil your quality of life, the ones that paralyze you completely, happen to be fears you inherited from your parents.

If you check your parents behavior, if you recall family memories from your childhood or simply inquire with your parents, you will find these same fears governing their behavior too, sometimes they will be tacit, sometimes under different disguises, but essentially they will be of the same fear nature, the same fear energy.

You cannot trace the roots of these fears

Your most fundamental fears seem deep rooted but actually if you observe them impartially, you will find out that you cannot trace them to any source, any traumatic memories, to any deep mental roots. This is the reason why I prefer not to call them "your deepest fears" but "your most fundamental fears", they have no deep roots, they have no circumstantial roots at all.

So what are they? They are simply isolated clouds of conditionings you inherited, as is, from your parents.

At first, it will seem to you very frustrating to have, on one hand, such dominating emotions in your life that influence so strongly your behavior, your choices, your decisions, and on the other hand, have no control over them, being completely unable to analyze their causes, unable to trace their roots.

What science has to say about it?

Scientists have discovered that at the back of the brain, located deep within the medial temporal lobes, there are tiny almond-shaped groups of neurons which are related to fear. They called them Amygdala.

The Amygdala is the dark side of the brain in which your frightening memories reside, the abode of your most fundamental fears.

These groups of neurons with the fear attributes imprinted in them are inherited from parents to offsprings. It was found that brothers and sisters growing up and living in different geographical locations felt the same emotional pains and were afraid from the same things.

Unless treated properly, these fundamental fears coded in the Amygdala may pass intact from generation to generation for eons.

So how one can handle these fears?

As said before, trying to analyze and track these fears to their roots is pointless as they have no apparent mental causes in your current life experiences.

There are basically two effective approaches to handle these rootless fundamental fears which usually are combined together into a successful whole process. These two approaches are healing and spiritual awareness.

  • Healing

    There are certain healing and other supernatural techniques that may prove effective to some extent in weakening and even displacing these inherited fear conditionings. These include Theta healing, The Light Language and many other. But even if you choose this approach to handle your fundamental fears, you cannot avoid the other approach.

  • Spiritual Awareness

    The other approach is spiritual awareness: observing and accepting these fear conditionings, respecting them instead of pointlessly fighting and rejecting them. Learn to live side by side with them instead of trying to uproot the rootless. Understand that you have no reason to feel guilty about them as you simply inherited them from your parents, and they, in turn, are also not guilty as they acquired them due to life situations or also inherited them from their parents and so on.

    By observing and accepting, you start to extinguish the accumulated layers of fundamental fear conditionings, one after another. Conditionings strengthen when being unobserved and resisted and weaken when observed and fully accepted.

    Observing and accepting the fears, they will weaken and weaken until they are no more. But then their expiration will not be important to you anymore. If you truly and fully accepted them then you are already unattached and unaffected, free from their impact, being able to live side by side with them and still be happy.

    You realize then that it was not you that was affected by and attached to them, it was again your mischievous mind.

    Try it and you will experience it by yourself.

Handle the fundamental fears and so your quality of life will improve. Handle the fundamental fears and so you will not pass them to your children, as your ancestors did. You will finally disconnect the fear inheritance chain coded in the Amygdala.

(From "A Spiritual User-Manual for the Skeptic Human Mind" by Riktam Kantu)



In brain amygdala is the place which is called the container of fear and two kinds of fear are said in the blog of Shond.As having been pointed out the fear is inherited from parents so in continuation it may be passed to next generations and this remains continue from generations to generations.Blogger says it is scientific.
Theory of Karma (yoga of action) must be called in it for intervention in point of view to further elucidation.Each work has its result connected to.Why some parents become to someones specially is because of their karmas relationship which manifests as 'take in' and 'give to' principle which is contained in the form of seeds in our chitta.Theory is that Karmas cannot be nullified without yielding its fruits (results).If we get good parents then its meaning is our good deeds of our previous births and v/s.Mostly the nature of deeds performed by the both parents and offsprings are of the same categories; hence, their emotions, mentalities, fears and treats etc. are of same kinds.Vipassana is a very nice method to eliminate these seeds of karamas (fears as vasana etc.).There are some more methods for to destroy these seeds of karamas.
Fear as negative force (seeds) is the deposit in heart center of consciousness (Anahata chakra) which is the seat of Durga Mother (primal vital force).This anahata chakra has also its peeth in the head (skull) to which scientific explanation seems accurate. If negative force calling fear is to be cleared (destroyed) from the anahata chakra then person becomes fearless on account of purification of anahata chakra and no such kind of fear may go/transfer to next generations in view of having been no seeds of fear availability for shifting to next generations.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 09/12/2009 - 13:49
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Theta Healing for displacing inherited fears

Theta Healing is indeed very effective in displacing fears which come in our genes. People are always surprised to find out during the workshops how easy it is to eliminate fears they were carrying for such a long time trying so hard to get rid of them. The procedure there involves among other things the concentrating on the pineal gland rather than on the amygdala.

kulchnaui | Sat, 09/12/2009 - 22:53

pineal gland

Neither amigdala nor pineal gland may be concentrated for merely to dispel fear because fear will be itself sucked by divine power if it is to be got awakened.What is the aim of our life for which we have been in this universe is the important point.If human being may know the goal of human birth and also accurate path with authenticated technique to follow known to then following such path we may be on high way to get our aim fulfilling and fear etc.are removed without any effort with only praying to deity.Not only fear but also other problems are also solved with grace of divine grace.
In brain there is a sixth center of our consciousness at the center of which the deity Jesus Christ has been.Primordial energy starts to flow in our para sympathetic nervous system, which illumine these centers and this power removes all negativity from us.
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NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 09/13/2009 - 13:45
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Hello :) I will recommend

Hello :)

I will recommend another method aswell, which is being radically honest all the time. It brings up the represses emotions up to the point, where you have to admit like a little helpless child, that you want to be unconditionally loved and after follows the experience of unity out of that helpless desperation. Meditation is an observing activity, means unlearning, being honest means unlearning. Its actually quite the same, as if you sit in meditation you are totally alone so you feel the loneliness and the feeling and the desire to be loved ( to go back to normal life). As you make the unity experience, you know you are protected and without control, fear vanishes, scientific biological process with changing in the brain structure in my view. Just then you understand this truth about denial and embracing, perceiving emotions without guilt. Before you will never understand, just intellectually, but meditation and being honest is a way out of the karma trap.
I want to make a maybe risky statement, its just a thought which pops in now. I had this experience of unity just a short while ago and I feel like a little emotional helpless child in the moment, which is fearless, without control and protected by unity, consciousness, god. There is always this silence with me, blankness of mind. The mind gets created new but the helpless child is protected in silence.
I know there are many enlightened teachers, which is great and everbody teaches the right things. My thought now is just, that I think enlightened persons have all the same knowledge and bring it into the world in their own special way. The silence is always spread and brings joy. But the intellectual message always differs. It all brings harmony thats great:)
Yeah jesus said you have to be like a little child to enter the kingdom of Heaven. This in my point of view the intellectual message with underlying silence the world needs. Imagine a world with silence and unity and a sharing and giving of love and fun, curiosity for everything and fearless children who create together themselves life:) That would heaven:)

benucci | Thu, 11/12/2009 - 09:01

> :) reg.recommensd

Fear is a sin. And fearlessness is the greatest message of Swami Vivekananda; which is fully found illumined when we feel the the unity of non-dualism. Fear remains as far as dualism exists.
Innocence is the natural property of a child and deity of this virtue (innocence) is Lord Ganesha who controls the basic centre of consciousness in us; the physical appearance of this centre is at pelvic plexus from where starts the left side sympathetic nervous system leading to brain in which agnya chakra, the place of Jesus Christ, exists. This is called moon channel,ida nerve.
Silence is the state of mind when the centers of our perceptions have been in the bio-rest.
Meditation is the state of the blissful self in which we found ourselves in thoughtless awareness which is the natural stuff of meditation; if this stuff is found missing then that may not be called meditation, but below it at lower stage it is called concentration in Yoga Aphorism.
Thoughtless awareness happens itself in in meditation.
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NIDHI PARKASH | Thu, 11/12/2009 - 11:01