You should respect the law of the land you live.

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81. You should not give unwanted advises to any one.

82. A person will be known as a gentle man in the society who will stickup to his duties and never indulge in unnecessary activities.

83. You should respect the law of the land you live.

84. Faith in family traditions, friendship with good persons and eating simple food will alone give you happiness.

85. A realized person is one who will see Atma in him and the Atma in any living being as same.

86. You should know that nobody will accompany you in your last journey (death); only good deeds will accompany you.

87. In the society where justice is over ruled by injustice and good is dominated by bad, such society can be called a dead society.

88. An educated who following bad path, a rich person who behaves like a miser and a strong person who avoids to protect the weak person, are burden to the Society.

89. Past time can never be retrieved again. If you have not done any good in the past, realize and try to do some thing good now from this moment onwards.

90. You should give respect to people after seeing their good character, irrespective of age, caste, creed or sex.

91. You should know that the pain to the body is caused due to unjustified acts and the happiness to the mind is caused due to justified acts.

92. The way there is no chance to revive the life after death, in the same way good or bad acts once performed, cannot be reversed. So think twice before doing anything.

93. You behave with others the way you expect them to behave with you.

94. There is limit even for being good or kind.

95. If you give love and respect to your mother (living God) is more than worshipping God in a temple thousand times.

96. In this world your parents are the only well wishers. Whereas all others will come and go as per their necessities.

97. A person who is averse to extra martial life, others money, pride and jealousy is a holy man and you should befriend him.

98. Starving the body and confining to jungles is not the real penance. Living in the society while following the path of non violence, truth, and showing mercy towards the lesser privileged is more than penance.

99. Chanting the name of Lord without doing your duty is not right in spirit. Doing your duty correctly is as good as worshipping the God.

100. If a person is slave to desires, he will becomeslave to all. A person, who overcomes the desire,will be spiritual and everybody will respect him.