You should know that the Goddess Death is not having partiality towards rich or poor

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51. You should know that the Goddess Death is not having partiality towards rich or poor, healthy or non healthy, educated or uneducated. She treats everybody with the same coin.

52. You should know that one day after your death the body is going to become ash and mix with the earth. Still you are taking care of the body by giving medicines to prolong the life. Similar way after the death, the soul needs peace for that when you alive, you should chant the name of Lord.

53. Some of the beautiful flowers which give fragrance will contain harmful bacteria. In the similar way some persons in the aristocratic families will have bad qualities. So you should beware of such persons.

54. In the name of penance you can conquer hungry and thirst. But the day when you conquer the desires and attachments towards your kith and kin, you will be the real yogi (saint).

55. You will water the coconut tree for first two or three years, but afterwards it will give sweet water for it’s lifelong. In the similar way, when you receive help from the society, it is your bound duty to reciprocate the same.

56. The greatest quality in the life is “You serve others without anticipating any returns”.

57. You look to the road side tree which receives the hot sun light and gives the shadow to the travelers. In the similar way, you should live for others.

58. A fool will dig for water after his hut is under fire, you should not be such a person. You should think about the God while you are in good health.

59. You should know that the society will recognize the good persons and in the similar way it will shun the bad quality persons.

60. You know that very well if you do not do the charities in this life, you will be a beggar in your next life. After knowing this also if you are not performing charities in this life, you should prepare to hold the begging bowl in the next life.