You should be away from the persons who are ungrateful in nature,

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31. At the end of the day, you should summarize your activities and conduct. Question self whether you have behaved like an animal or a human being. You should once for all decide not to repeat the bad again.

32. As a human being, in your day to day activities sometime or other, you are bound to get angered, but it should be like a fire to a small piece of paper.

33. If you say that he is my man and the other one is my opponent’s man that shows your mean mentality. Shun it.

34. When plants and animals are living in nature with the quality of sacrifice, why not human beings?

35. You should be away from the persons who are ungrateful in nature, the murderers of children and trouble creators in the society.

36. You should not be contended with education, penance and charities alone in society. You should feel contended with your money, your homely food and spouse.

37. In the birth and death cycle, there is no guarantee that you will take the birth as a human being again. To be born again as a human being which alone will give a chance to realize God, Always chant the name of God and tread the right path.

38. If you want to maintain a contended life – you must develop an attitude to help others, use the wisdom in your work and do not aspire for ambitions that are beyond reach.

39. Unless you avoid unnecessary disputes in the society, aspiring other’s money and women, you can not travel in the spiritual path.

40. If you maintain a tree called BAD qualities it will give the fruits such as sorrow, unhappiness and disease. So try to maintain a tree called GOOD qualities which you will give fruits such as pleasure, happiness and good health.

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Absolutely the opposite! You

Absolutely the opposite!

You should stick to the people that are ungrateful in nature, not run away from them (and as with any running away - from yourself). Sense what bothers you in them, make sure you are not ungrateful in nature in any way and then project this gratefulness you have on them, silently, without a trace of ego, no effort, just be grateful and it will overwhelm their ungratefulness.

But by all means please do not ever get away from those who are not conveneinet to you, there lies your sadhana, there lie your chances for spiritual development.

PS. This shows that it is not always wise to blindly quote others, whomever they may be. One should process the words of others, digest them into essence and then utter only his words describing the essence.

mariposa | Fri, 04/15/2011 - 16:59