You, Me and IT

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Truth is living us. There is a Mystery expressing itself as every Now. What prevents the living of that Mystery as these forms, in this moment, is our habitual tendency to think and to act as separate beings. In fact, the entire manifestation seems to strengthen this very idea based on its expression as the multiplicity and the diversity of every being and thing.

We have become habituated, doing things and thinking thoughts that protect us, this protection is a defense and has its birth, the moment we acknowledge or give into the idea of being a ‘somebody’. In doing so we reinforce our sense of separateness and find approval in a world that pays tribute to doing so.

I will never know what ‘the Truth’ is, but I can live it and allow it to live me. What exactly does this mean?

The seeker is somebody that intuits that there is more to life. Thus begins my search to find out what Truth is. Throughout this search, which may involve reading numerous books, attending satsangs, or, perhaps neither of the mentioned, there is the tacit glimpse of the always shining gift we call Truth. This, for me, at least occurs in various moments. If we are not careful, the mind captures the experience of that gift and assumes that it owns it. All that the mind possesses, instead, is merely the wrapping paper, which can either be useless or useful. Useless, if we mistake it for the gift, itself, or useful if it reminds us that the gift is ever present, and always embracing.

Looking out as a ‘somebody’, then, is apparently enough justification to feel separate, however this is not true, for whilst you might appear to be different, you are, in reality, never separate. You are a leaf on the tree of life. You have your own colour and your seasons. Life is expressing itself as a ‘you’ and this is OK. Relax as your appearance, marvel at it and smile.

Individuality is not the problem. And neither is Personality. What seems to cause grief is our constantly separating from the ‘the other’. It is stated in the Upanishads, that ‘where there is another, there is fear’. Fear is inherent in the body-mind. But the body-mind is inherent in Truth… and that is the treasure beyond measure.

© Akash Maharaj [], [2010]

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This is beautiful and inspiring

wow, you have this careful and exact way to express these things. I was delighted to read the 2 posts and I hope for more. Very inspiring. Thank you.

not_me | Sun, 04/25/2010 - 08:16