Before you embark on the spiritual path...

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Before you embark on the spiritual path you must investigate thoroughly why the skeptical secular approach depresses you so much.

You must go deep down and uncover all your fears of the possibility that it is all in the brain, that there is nothing beyond the senses, the possibility that you are merely a disconnected body, the possibility that there is no soul and no rebirths.

If you don't do this, your spiritualism will remain just a fraudulent escape, a means to calm your anxiety of being temporal, a means to curb your great fear of death.

Such dishonest spirituality will lead nowhere. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many spiritual and religious people and yet so few spiritually-evolved ones.

Very few actually do this self examination, most are engaged in the spiritual realm precisely due to the above fears and anxieties.

A common symptom of such people is the feeling of anger and resentment towards any secular approach. Another sign is a panic when skeptical thoughts are flooding them. Another is that urge for certainty and the last symptom is the tendency to present a theory as an undeniable fact, as the truth. Be honest: have you experienced any of these symptoms?

If you are already deep in the spiritual world and never bothered to do this investigation, now is the time, you have no choice. Be brave and honest with yourself, step aside from the attractive spiritual activity, from the authoritative position you have created for yourself, from the peacefulness and realizations and dedicate yourself to this maybe less attractive yet vital investigation.

This investigation can take a lifetime but actually you have no choice.

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Painfully true

I would add that other tacit reasons why people are drawn to spirituality are: fear of people (as most spiritual doctrines encourage solitude or going within and thus introvert seekers finally find a comfortable system that doesn't challenge their difficulty with people)


fear of the duties and hardships of daily life such as making living, commitments and so on.

dan77 | Sun, 12/16/2012 - 21:28
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Checking our ridiculous concepts of God

I see signs of this vital investigation in - checking our ridiculous concepts of God.

It is so because these concepts result from the very same great fears discussed in the post.

avi | Sun, 12/16/2012 - 21:58
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Thank you, such an important wake up call

Brilliant article as it helps us to uncover our self deceptions regarding our involvement in spirituality.

Regardless of the spiritual or religious path you decided to take, honesty is the no.1 key factor on the path. And honesty regarding our true tacit idea about the whole metaphysical issue is maybe the most important of all honesties.

Many times I happen to come across spiritual people who are not spiritual, i.e. who deny anything which is beyond the senses and mind, who base their arguments on mind logic (I include myself in certain times). Most of them are from the west, most of them are new Advaitans. Most of them are not aware of that, some of them do.

In this regard, I recommend to read the following good ones:

kulchnaui | Mon, 12/17/2012 - 16:49