You can't change the unchangeable

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You can't change the unchangeable.
But you can define what is changeable and what is unchangeable.

The changeable you also can't change.
But you can accept it.

Bottom line:

All is changeable but you can change nothing.
All you can do is to accept.
This is the wisest thing to do.

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Truth is sometimes paradoxical in terms of mind's logic.

But usually it is the limitation of words and their wild connotations that create the confusion.

nathan | Sat, 06/20/2009 - 08:12
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This is not a play of words as it may seem

Some readers may think that the above text is just a play of words but it is not and it takes some time to understand this very wise cryptic text.

The underlying tacit point here is: who is changing.

Let me annotate it for the benefit of others:

"You can't change the unchangeable."

This is straightforward logic.

"But you can define what is changeable and what is unchangeable."

This is the transcendental switch to our point of perception which defines reality.

"The changeable you also can't change. But you can accept it."

Everything is under change including our body and our possessions. But this is not a change done by us nor is under our control. Yet, we constantly want to stop this change, the decaying of our body, the ending of pleasurable experiences and so on. But we cannot change the fact of changing, the changeable. The only approach that guarantees happiness is therefore to accept whatever is not under our control, including change.

An alternative bottom line is: you can define what is changeable and what is not but in both cases, no change is under your control which leaves you with the only option of hopelessly resist this fact and consequently suffer or accept this fact and be happy.

banana | Sat, 06/27/2009 - 20:05
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Finding Meaning

I have to agree with Lucas. All is changeable but you can't change anything? Why? Because some of us are powerless to do so and, we are all subjected as creatures under one divine contract. Sociological explain that we cannot change something that has been already fortified. Am I right or wrong?

andreahawkins | Mon, 04/12/2010 - 07:57
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I'm not sure what "already fortified" means, but I have seen the truth of "creatures under one divine contract."

Example: Look at the functioning of your own body

If cells = human being
and Body = existence

If the "divine will" of the body is to go to the grocery store, there is nothing that an individual cell can do that will change that intention. The body will not even be aware of the cell's intent--it will simply call upon the cell to do its job in helping the body go to the store.

So: the cell can change anything about its life; make any decision about how it will interact, etc. It can be completely resistant or completely compliant--but it is going to the grocery store!

Further...I think if the cells in our body are compliant, do their job cheerfully and responsibly our body is happy and peaceful. If they do all of that and are grateful to the whole, our body is blissful.

If the cells resist, the body feels unhappy and cranky. (But it is still going to the grocery store!)

My Master says: We get caught in this idea that it is all up to us, and we miss how things actually work. How things are going on all the time without us--how change happens whether we want it to or not. And we ascribe--if we like it--we ascribe the change as due to our efforts. If we do not like it, we tend to ascribe it elsewhere. Consider that you can cooperate with change, but you cannot cause change. Change is bigger than you are. Change comes with being here, with simply existing. Every single day of your life you wake up completely different, but you did not cause it. You live in a very strange, strange world and to not have to confront the strangeness of it, we spin a whole set of stories to explain what is going on.

That is the whole problem—the stories are just stories. It is not what is going on. What is going on cannot be explained. It is completely mysterious. And it is not mysterious in the sense of it is ‘unknown.’ It is mysterious in the sense that it is unknowable. It is a real mystery—a real mystery can never be solved, never be answered. It can just be experienced. (Swami Premodaya)

Gilana | Mon, 05/17/2010 - 16:20
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Well defined about the

Well defined about the Changeable and Unchangeable. Well I think Every Thing Is changeable And No thing is unchangeable In the World. Now World Is also Changed. :)

CollegeTerm | Mon, 11/29/2010 - 11:18
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Chageable and Unchageable

I think you are both right.

hahahah! :)

Gilana | Mon, 11/29/2010 - 16:40