You are not going crazy <> written by master chrism

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you are not going crazy, written by master chrism

Master chrism writes about kundalini ~

Kundalini symptoms will often happen to you without warning.

They can be sudden or creep up upon a person gradually.

These will often happen when you are alone.

Or when you are sleeping and you awaken from that sleep to find yourself inside of a yoga position or your fingers in mudra (finger) positions with out your conscious knowledge of them.

Some times as the Kundalini responds across the five bodies of expression the symptoms will cascade into each other.

For instance, as the kidneys swell and the adrenals put more fight or flee hormone (epinephrine) into the blood stream the emotional body will respond with fear and will begin to make associations of certain phenomena from a fearful place.

This can call up or predispose a person into seeing fearful visions.

This is common and is easily over come with the knowledge of what is occurring.

Same can be said of the bliss and joyful unity.

Once you know what is going on surrendering to the experience is much easier.

But as the phenomena often happens when one is alone or is so wildly fantastic as to cause one to retreat into silence about it, it is necessary for you to become acquainted with this fact that as you experience Kundalini by yourself so must you begin to balance it by yourself first.

First thing to know is this:

I have experienced most of the phenomena of Kundalini and yes it can be a very wild experience.

It doesn't mean you are loosing your mind however.

It is your mind that needs to have its horizons and expectations broadened.

Visions and experience such as telepathy and psychic experiences as well as intense periods of love that are so strong it hurts are common features.

Feeling an overwhelming urge to forgive and help and heal and assist others is also common.

Having visions of dark and scary phenomena - as well as loving and lighted phenomena - are also common and not to be allowed to sway you from your expanding grip on your expanding reality.

Hold on tight though.

At first it can seem very unnatural when in fact it is the natural next step that we as a species are allowed, by the grace of the divine, to experience.

The road maps are not available typically in our society at this time - so it is a good practice to read of others experiences and compare them with your own.

Read the books that you are guided to read or that fall from the shelf when you happen to walk by. These are not accidents.

Remember that as you come into the awakening there are other forces at work helping you behind the scenes - Forces that may have guided you here for example or towards a teacher or an activity that will help your process in some way.

Do your best to understand the solitude of the journey in regards to those who are closest to you or with your work mates or with friends and family.

They do not typically understand and will respond with fear for you.

So realize that for a certain time you will be physically and socially alone with this.

Except for what you read here or meetings and communications you make as you interact with others also going through the process.

So please understand that Kundalini will bring experiences and phenomena far and away from what your "normal" reality has been used to processing as real.

It will bring you into another area of personal discovery and many unknowns that can take your breath away with its beauty and with is strangeness.

Know that you need not fear and even if you do, the knowledge that this is the Kundalini can become a great balancer of fear for you inside of your experience.

Knowledge is power.

-Look at the physical changes such as extreme and no cause heat or cold as manifestations of Kundalini.

-Look at visions of divine graces as links to these manifestations that is given by the Kundalini.

-Look at the appearance of entities or floating globes of light or pins and needles going from the base of your spine to the top,

-or the feeling of the top of your head blowing off

-or bright lights behind closed eyes,

-or any of the thousands of symptoms that can accompany the human being inside of the Kundalini process as real and natural and in no way something you need to be afraid of.

- blessings all - chrism "

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You are not going crazy <> written by master chrism

Thank you for posting this!

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