You Are Not This Body (YANTB Dear)

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||AUM Krishna Guru:||
|| AUM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya|| || AUM Tat Sat ||

You Are Not This Body !

Knowing This Truth Itself Will Erase The Visible & Invisible Experiencing Duality.
If Accepted by Mind, Intelligence & Spirit Soul, Your True Eternal State will be Experienced.....! The Highest Achievement & Real Purpose of Human Birth.

“Krishna Bhakti & Bhagvad Gita”
The Only Source to Understand Your True Self.

FAQ : Why Should I Know About My True Self ? What is the Benefit ?
All Questions Answered in Brief, Inside.


With the Will & Blessings of “Lord Shree Krishna” an Incarnation of the ‘All Pervading Supreme Energy’ Known as ‘God’, A Taught was Initiated in My Mind leading to conceive the Content of this Booklet. It is to Invoke every Individual Spirit Soul from its current state of False Ego*. Due to the False Ego that “I Am This Body & I Am The Cause”, A Never Ending Cyclic Process to Lord over this Nature & To Gain Everlasting happiness has become the conventional goal of most Human Beings, Ultimately Ending in Sorrow & Wrath.

By the arrangment of Divine Providence! When in The Human Body only, we can Help Ourself Understand Our True Nature. But, at the outset we should Understand what is ‘The Body*, The Senses*, The Mind*, The Intelligence*, The Soul* & The Supersoul*’ which are the Key factors, becoming The cause of Karma(Action)*. They are to be understood well Individually. In this Process we will Identify Ourself as not This Body & Nor are we born to get entangled in these Material Bodies. But to free ourselves and Attain our True Nature which is Eternal, Conciousness & Supreme Bliss (SAT CHIT ANANDA).

My Humble Request to one and all - Please Read The Content of this e-Booklet with Complete Faith and Concentration at least 11 times within 11 days. You will Understand the Essence of this Transcendental Knowledge, Source of which is from “Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Vashista & My Experiencing Life”. You will Identify Yourself to be a Non-Dual Personality existing within, Unaware of the same we Cause ourself Everlasting Agony.

The Body

Any Material Being in this world is a combination of all or any of the Five Elements ie., Air, Fire, Water, Earth, & Ether which are seperated Material Energies of One Supreme Energy with distinguished functional abilities .

The Beings, Micro to Macro Organisms, Animate or Inanimate, come into Existence, Grow, Reproduce or Multiply only when The Soul is introduced into it at the time of Material conception. Till The Soul exists In the said Being it is Alive and Without The Soul it Is Dead.

The Body has nothing to do with what ever The Soul dose in The Body or however it uses it within the functional abilities. The Body neither Has its own Conciousness nor is aware of its existence. Therefore it shall be clearly understood that The Soul operates The Body and not Viceversa. What ever action / inaction, pleasure / pain experienced by The Body is felt by The Soul only and not by The Body though the source is The Body.

Ex. You Own A Car and when ever you Drive, It is Driven and the Pleasure or Purpose is what you Get and if Someone makes a Scratch on your Car or it is damaged, you get annoyed or worried or become responsible for the loss, where as the Car Dose not Utter any Complaint as it is not aware of its existence.

Whenever The Body becomes Incapable to exist in this Material World due to various reasons like Disease, Accident, Old Age etc., The Soul departs from The Body or is Forced to Discard The Body. Hence The Body / Being is only a feasible Form & Means Acquired by The Soul to exist in this Material world, according to its previous State of Mind, Desire & Actions (Karma) .

The Soul = The Senses + The Mind + The Intelligence ........................Just Like

The Lamp = The Ray’s + The Heat + The Light

The Senses

The Senses are attributed to The Mind and are not independent in nature, Justlike Ray’s can be Attributed to Light, Water Vapor can be attributed to Water, etc.

There are Normally Five Sense Organs in a Human Body known as Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth & Skin and The functional abilities of these Organs are Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting & Feeling, Known as The Senses. The Senses transmit information of The Sense Organs, which is perceived by The Mind & observed / witnessed by The Soul.

Whatever is Sensed by The Senses in this Universe are only the Combinations of some or all of The Five Elements, Hence The Five Sense Organs can Sense only Materially sensible subject with The Senses. Depending on the Being / Body. What Ever they Sense, the same is memorised by The Mind.

There is detailed explanation in the One & Only Supreme Guide to Understand the Self “Shrimad Bhagvad Gita”, about the Senses, Mind, Intelligence, Body & The Soul. Only an outline has been mentioned here for reference.

The Mind

The Mind is attributed to The Soul and not independent in nature. Whatever The Senses transmit, will be Considered by The Mind at its own Discretion.

The Mind, Is The Cause of Manifestation. It Memorises & Retrieves all Actions, Information & Events, Experienced & Observed in the Past, Present & Future.

The Mind is only like a Assistant to The Soul, But over a period of time The Soul’s Involvement with The Mind forgetting its own individuality & state of Sat Chit Ananda, has become a Slave to its Assistant (The Mind) from the time immemorial till today.

Hence, The Mind is The Cause of All Causes. If The Mind is Considered as A Knife which can serve dual purposes of Killing Someone or Protecting Someone by the Process of Surgical Operation. The Same way, The Mind entangled in material pursuits, Shall be Trained & Used by The Soul to Free it self from Repeated Births of duality.

-------- “Lord Krishna” Said, “For him who has conquered The Mind, The Mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, the mind will remain the greatest enemy”- Bhagvad Gita 6.6 ---------

The Mind is The Key to Everything, it’s Tangible nature leads to various taughts and continues to wander, Brood over past & create worry about Future (Especially in the Human Body), Further involving The Soul into False state of Ego & Attachment.

It is the Duty of the The Soul to Control the wandering Mind with the Help of Transcendental Intelligence and to get it out of this Dual state of Material world or else it will be Controlled by The Mind entangling The Soul in the continous process of Material Births and Deaths.

Current Situation of The Soul – An Ex. A Master has a Pet Dog and they are on to the Street for a walk. The Dog is walking Ahead of its Master and the Master is Holding the chain / belt in his hand, The Master is halting wherever the Dog is Stopping, Sniffing, Urinating or Evacuating. A Person Who is far Away from them Standing on The Street side is Puzzled by seeing this event, as he could notice that the Dog was Leading the Master And the Master is following the Dog, though the Master Might feel that he is leading it.

The situation of The Soul is also exactly the same. Though The Soul is The Master of The Mind, Unknowingly The Soul is following The Mind feeling that…. It is only leading it.

Note : Desire is the Cause of Manifestation and a complete Desire free State can be Attained Only By The Process of Shree Krishna Bhakti & Understanding The Self through Shrimad Bhagvad Gita.

The Intelligence

The Intelligence is Superior to The Mind and is also attributed to The Soul and not independent in nature. The Role of The Intelligence is to Learn, Think, Analyse, Judge, Understand, Evaluate & Advice The Soul about every event accordingly.

The Intelligence is like a Super processor responsible to Analyse all Thaughts, Demands, Proposals, Desires, etc., of the The Mind and forward the Pros & Cons to The Soul, depending on the available information, observation & experiences from (past & present).

Whatever The Mind conceives and Composes from it’s situations & experiences, The Soul is at it’s Discretion to accept / reject, act / ignore. However Consulting every event with The Intelligence and then confirming an action is always advantageous to The Soul.

Nevertheless The Mind being Nostalgic to Experiences, mostly dominates The Intelligence by convincing / Provoking / Agitating The Soul & forcing it to act according to its wish & judgements. Everything is now based on the The Soul’s involvement with The Mind.

It should be well understood that the intensity of Desire, Anger, Greed, Passion, Bewilderment, Envy and Sense gratifying nature accquired from Past & Present activities by Karma (Action) will maintain their contribution in all the present & forth coming Actions in life.

The Soul
(Jeeva Atma / Spirit / Your True Self)

The Soul is a Part Parcel of The Supersoul having Freedom to Desire, but is not competent enough to Fulfil its own Desire or Taught’s without the Energy Extended from The Super Soul. Though The Soul seems to be independent, it is totally dependent on The Super Soul and is continuously connected through the process of Breathing / Respiration.

Energy has no shape or Form and is also Understood as “Energy Can Neither be Created nor be Destroyed” . Like wise The Soul Being identical to the Nature of the all Pervading Super Soul, also cannot be Destroyed or Created, it is ever existent with its Limited Energy & Freedom.

Being’s From Micro to Macro, Animate / Inanimate, Movable / Immovable, Feminine / Masculine / Mixed, etc which are the combinatons of the Five Elements are made possible to be Created by the Will of “The Super Soul (Parm’Atma)”. Simultaneously these Beings are bought into life by introducing The Soul and are left at their Freewill to live within the Limitations & Control of the Natural(Cosmic) law.

At A Time Immemorial the Process of Life Began, Since then The Soul(s) introduced into various Beings grew, multiplied / produced, sustained and departed after sometime, But The Soul who have stayed in a Being or Body for some time, started Experiencing Dualities of Material world and gradually forgot its SAT CHIT ANANDA State. This Forgetfull Nature is leading to repeated Births & Deaths, forcing The Soul Into a particular State of Living, Enjoying & Suffering one after the other.

The Soul primarily attains a particular state of Being / Body in its Next Birth, depending on the State of Mind at which it has Departed its last Being / Body. Simultaneously influenced by the Results of its Karma(Action) which were accumulated knowingly and unknowingly , Desired or Undesired or Mixed .
However, Depending only on The Soul’s Determination, Involvement, Acceptance, and Attachment with The Mind, It gets into a particular State of Goodness / Passion / Ignorance, leading to another Birth or state of manifestation accordingly.

Clue : Till The Soul has Sankalpa (Thought / Desire) wether Intentional or unintentional, it will continue to Manifest and nothing can stop this. If only by Complete determination it starts enquiring about its true self and remains Nirvikalpa (Neutral – Thoughtless or Desire less state), it will exists in its own transcendental state of non-dual existence as Sat Chit Ananda.

Note: Without Duality (good&bad, dark&light, happiness&sorrow, male&female, strong&weak, rich&poor etc.) in Life, none of us will try to understand our Trueself nor there would be any necessity to understand.

The Super Soul

“The Super Soul (Parm’Atma)”, is Eternal ‘All Pervading Omnipotent Supreme Energy’ well Known as ‘God’. The Nature, Shape, Size, Colour, Expansion, Origin of which can Never be Known or Understood by any Material Concoction, nor can be Perceived, nor can be Explored.

The Super Soul Is defined as Anima: Smallness, Mahima: Greatness, Garima: Weight, Laghima: Lightness, Prapti: Free Access, Prakamya: Doing At Wish, Vasitva: Control Over The Elements And Isvara: Lordship Over All (Shrimad Bhagavatam 3:15-45)

“The Super Soul (Parm’Atma)”, Is Not only the Source of Creation & Beings, But also the Invisible Provider of everything to Sustain the Existence in the Material form, making available Pre-Ordained Food sources & Natural Resources which are caused by the Five Elements from time to time. The Energy required by The Soul for Bodily Functions, Work, Action etc., is all made possible only with the continous energy extended by “The Super Soul” and none other.

The Soul can Understand the True Nature of it’s Self & The Super Soul, Only whilst existing in a Human Body which is specifically designed Only to Understand, Realise and Attain its orginal state. However It should be well Understood that The Soul can only Merge into “The Super Soul (Parm’Atma)” and It can never Understand its Own Self, Until it Voluntarly Enquires about its True Self and Origin.

Ex. (Assumed) - A Crystal of ‘Salt’ Enquired about its origin, to the ‘Salt Maker’ and The ‘Salt maker’ answerd that it was a part of that Big ‘Ocean’. The ‘Salt’ crystal denied to accept that statement of the ‘Salt maker’ and further questioned that, How was it Possible that I being in a Solid Form be The part of Liquid ‘Ocean’?

The ‘Salt maker’ Replied - I cannot Answer your Question in Words, but I can prove it Practically. The ‘Salt Crystal’ requested to do so and Prove. The ‘Salt Maker’ took a tumbler full of Water from the ‘Ocean’ and Put the ‘Salt Crystal’ into it and Stirred it for some time and the ‘Salt Crystal’ got Dissolved. But Alas! Though the ‘Salt Crystal’ was a part of the ‘Ocean’, it could not Understand the fact that It was a part of the same ‘Ocean’ when it existed in a solid form.

Likewise, Consider The Salt Crystal as The Soul in a Body, The Salt Maker as The Spiritual Knowledge and the Ocean as The Super Soul. Accept that The Soul can never Understand the True Nature of itself and The Super Soul, whilst Existing in a Human Body. Fortuitously If The Soul is free from False Ego, it becomes Completely uncontaminated from Material Reactions & will merge into The Super Soul.

Therefore, when The Soul Merges into The Supersoul or Detach’s from Material being, it will not remember its Past State of Existence. Forgetfulness & remembrance are invoked only by The SuperSoul .

Hence, It has to be Concluded that Till The Soul exists in a Human Body with Ignorance it can never attain its own nature . Once if the Soul is Free from False Ego, Goodness, Passion & Ignorance and make an enquiry with firm determination to its own self – Who Am I, then it can Understand the way to its Source & Origin ie., Its is the Part-Parcel of The Super Soul who is All Pervading, Omnipotent, Supreme Energy.

Karma (Action)

It should be clearly understood that “The Soul can only Desire and The Super Soul only can fulfill it ” anything whatsoever it may be . Therefore a specific action is taking place due to the Desire / Proposal of The Soul, Hence the outcome of the Karma(Action) also pertains to The Soul only, as The Super Soul is only the provider and The Soul is the desirous.

Depending on The Soul’s Involvement with The Senses, The Mind & The Intelligence(Material) in Performing any Karma or whilst fullfilment of Desires. The Soul will be Compelled by the Law of Material Nature to Accept, Act, Migrate from one state of Being / Body to another state after discarding it’s present Being / Body.

The Soul after entering into the Material being, Has to Perform Some Action from the very moment it has Been introduced. Emerging, Growing, Moving, Eating, Evacuating, Struggling for existence, Etc. are some important actions which will take place wether or not the The Soul wants. However all actions which are Mandatory in a specific being / body are exempt from reactions. But those Actions in a Human Body performed in Anger, Greed, Passion, Bewilderment, Envy, Lust, Abominably and Uncontrolled Sense gratifying nature Leads to Reaction Forcing the The Soul into multiple kinds of Being, which is arranged by Material Nature in a cyclic manner.

Over a period of time when the The Soul is bought into a Balanced stage, it is again given a chance by the Grace of God to take a Human Body & identify itself as not this Body and attain its orginal state, failing which it will again be forced by Nature / Law of Action(Karma) to a start a new cycle of birth and death.

Hence, Accepting, Surrendering, Consulting and Considering the opinion of The Inherent Spirtual Intelligence becomes mandatory to The Soul, which is made available to be at use only in a Human Body, this will help The Soul Evaluating the importance of Human Life & it’s Goal, gradually detaching itself from Material Entanglements and attaining its Sat Chit Ananda State.

How Dose The Soul Get Rid of the Action’s & Desires – Is it Possible ?

No!, Not even a single second of Life Goes without any Action and moreover every Action results to some Reaction, for ex., You Inhale you have to Exhale, You Drink You Have to Urinate, You Eat You have to Evacuate, etc. & there is no exception. Above the General Actions, depending on the Being / Body The Soul has been introduced, it is also in the pursuit of sense gratification leading to Various other actions.

All actions performed in a Being / Body Other Than “Human Body” dose not result in any kind of reaction, because they continue their existence without Commonsense & live within the predetermined system of Survival & Cycle of Evolution.

But! When In the Human Body with its Ultimate Functional Abilities, Senses, Logical & Spiritual Intelligence, The Soul tries to Gain Control over Material Nature, Retain Possessions, Create alternatives, Feel Own, Secure, Dominate etc. In the process acquires multiple results for its Actions Knowingly and Unknowingly.

Then What is the Reason* one Human Body is Suffering, another is enjoying and another has a mixed combination in the same world at the same time & life?
The following are the Main *Reason’s a) “A Rigid Feeling that I am This Body” b) “Attachment” c) “Non- Acceptance” d)“Ignorance” e) “Continous Pursuit for Sense Gratification”. Then, How do we overcome the cause of these Reasons?

It is not possible to Overcome the cause of these Reasons by any Material Means, But only by Spirtual Knowledge. By Understanding & Living with Complete Acceptance of Spiritual Knowledge you will know - a) You Are Not This Body b) How to Detach your Mind from Material Objectives & Attach with Spirtual Objectives c) You are not the Cause of the Causing d) You are Eternal in Nature e) Continued Pursuit for “Transcendental Intelligence” is The right approach f) Practice of Faithful Devotional service is your prime duty.

Now the Question Arises how do I Support myself and my family whilst in the Body without getting Materially Entangled and perform necessary actions?

The Entire Secret lies in Accepting, Understanding, Applying & Living with a very simple and easy logical True Thinking That “I AM NOT THIS BODY”. I am only Perceiving what ever is happening, I Am Not Aware of My Birth nor will I know about My Death. I Have No independence to exist as I like, I am forced by the Body & Senses to supply it with necessary Air, Water, Food, Shelter etc., wether or not I Like and I am forced to Discharge them. I Am Unknowingly Desiring or Thinking according to Circumstances. Though some actions are coinciding with my desires and thaughts, Most and regular actions are happening by forceful Consent & habit and still I Feel that I am the Cause of what ever is happening with this Body. How Innocent I Am to get attached to This Body which is

Further accept that everything that has happened, happening, to happen are Predestined provisions for your life bought with you as Karma Phala(Result Due to Previous Actions) and you are only experiencing it as & when they are happening, some times it so happens that they coincide with your thaught & you may feel that it has happened because you have planned or tried for it. It has to be agreed that the thaught of trying for something is initiated from Self only, but materialisation / non-materialisation of any - thaught into action, action into result, result into causing happiness / disappointment / distress, is not due to you. This kind of True Belief will cleanse your mind, leaving you with purity and a non-Dual state, allowing you to experience Your Trueself.

Some simple Practice’s You can Follow with ease :

A. Prefix and Suffix the Thaught & Name of God by Mind & Intelligence with all the actions you perform. Day or Night, Drink or Urinate, Eat or Evacuate, Hate or Love, Cold or Heat, Awake or Sleep..........Anything.

B. Realise that you are not the cause of any Action Performed by the Body, wether there is a negative or positve outcome. This will lessen your egoism and this non-egoist state will make you wise and light.

C. Understand that everyone is thinking, acting & responding according to their current state of Ego, due to provisions, abilities & situation. Often differing from each other and leading to difference of opinions, misunderstanding and hatered. Pl. Avoid explanations & Arguments at that very moment.

D. Understand that what we see, hear, feel about anyone / anything are only external behaviours and are not real. Real situations are mostly known to oneselves only, Hence don’t cheat yourself and fall prey to illusionary thaughts that lead to comparisons & Demand’s, please be Pragmatic.

E. We don’t have any idea of which action is favourable and unfavourable for us, hence we should make an analysis of what we do and what we want, we should’nt just rush into a conclusion and initiate any action, we may only invite Dissapointment. In order to minimise disappointments, we have to Initiate a particular work and wait for time to give its Result rather than expecting every action to turn favourable to us immediatley or within the time we have stipulated.

Ex. “ The whole process should be like this : you got an idea to grow a Plant or Tree, you need to select a specific piece of land and find out the suitability of soil, Climatical condition and an appropriate time to plant a Seed or Seedling. Now you have to plough the land or make a dig suitable to Plant. Pour some water and wait for the seed to germinate, it takes its own time for the process to happen ( 1. you can do nothing in regard to this process), once the seedling is out and slowly grows you have to protect it from micro-organisms, insects and animals etc. ( 2. this is also to some extent in your hands), over a period of time the Plant or Tree might or might not give any outcome (3.This too is not in your hands ). If there is an outcome it depends (4. The quantity & quality of the outcome is again not your hands ). At times the whole process may go into vain or may give extraordinary results ( 5. This too is not in your hands) .

Hence it should be well understood that we can Think / Desire to the best of our knowledge but have to accept the outcome, given by Time & Nature(God). Whatever knowledge, natural resources utilised and energy applied, is also to be known & accepted as the source from the all Pervading Omnipotent Supreme Energy -God*.

F. All that Dualities felt by us are only due to our Mind and its speculative tendency & desperate actions. We have to use our Commonsense and intellect. This is possible only when our Mind is in a Balanced state. This state is Forgotten by The Soul and it has to be bought to that state in order to Detach ourselves from Bodily entanglement - How?

It Would be Amazing to Know the Fact that We Re- Incarnate depending on the State of Mind we leave our present body at the time of death. So, The Key to disincarnate is not to have any other Thaught at the time of Leaving this body except the thaught of the All Pervading God Who is our Source & Destiny.

It is not possible to know when and at which second would death come to this body. Hence we need to take resort in the Creator(God), who only can make such arrangement. This Can Only be possible by One’s Acceptance & Submission to God without a Doubt. In this regard no one can help anyone by any means and it is mandatory that each individual Soul has to Accept, Believe, Involve and Practice Devotional Services at its own Accord, in order to attain its own Eternal Non -dual state.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ’s :

Q1. Where is God and how dose it look like?

Ans. The Term God Dose Not reperesnt Any Name, Shape, Form, Size or Colour, Hence it Dose not look like anything but can only be felt.

Ex. Just Like Electricity its Power or Energy cannot be seen and can only be felt or like pain and pleasure which are felt or like hunger and fear which can only be felt.

Q 01. Then Who Is Lord Shree Krishna?

Lord Shree Krishna Is The Form like Manifested Form, of The all Pervading Super Soul Not Overtaken by False Ego, Even When in a manifested State and remain in Its Orginal State. The Cause Of Manifestation is Only To Help Those Living Entities who have faithfully Surrendered to their Source and are being troubled by the Ignorant.

Q2. Is it necessary that I should belive that God exists and worship?

Ans. No, You are independent to live in your own state of Ego, But you have to feel responsible for all that is Happenning, happened & will happen in your life and not blame anyone. No-matter one or the other human life, You will take resort of God to get rid of this troublesome confusing duality and attain your Orginal State. However, I pity the Innocent / ignorant state of The Soul in a human body which dose not resort to the source of its origin and wanders without a spirtual cause.

Q3. What Criterion gives elgibility for one to commence a Spirtual living?

Ans. Your Deep desire to understand Yourselves – “Who Am I” is the criterion and elgibilty, no matter what ever is your present age, nature, culture, place, country, etc.

Q4. Will I have to Join any society to Commence a Spirtual Living and pay any fee or donation?

Ans. Absolute Nonsense! It becomes the prime duty of a Spirtual Aspirant to ensure that he/she dose not get in contact with those who pretend spirituality for a living. Joining a group or Society is not Mandatory

Note: The main cause for Failure of disciplic successions of any Spirtual foundation is due to The material posessions accumlated in the form of charity for a Spirtual Society, making some disciples desirous to maintain hirearchy over the same. The basis of Spirtuality starts with Detachment and not Attachment with any thing material whatsoever it may be.

Q5. Where can I Find a Perfect Guru, and how do I Recognise one ?

Ans. A Good Question! It is said that Mental Detachment with everything is the basis of Spirituality, which means the Guru himself should be a Living Example to the Spirtual Aspirant. A Perfect Guru is one who practice, what he Teaches and dose not deviate from his objective’s, the Two Primary Objectives are - “I Am Not This Body “& “ My True Nature is Eternal, Conciousness n Supreme Bliss (SAT CHIT ANANDA) ” .

Note: It is not Necessary / Mandatory for A Guru to be a Sannyasi (Renounced order of life), Neither a Genuine Guru should be involved into Material Activities other than his / her occupation to fulfill basic responsibilities, Karma Yoga – Performing Action in Knowledge.

My Opinions & Suggestions in regard to The Current State of The Soul in a Human Being, The Importance of Spiritual Understanding & The Need of Transcendental Intelligence.

The Life of Human Being ( Opinion):
It will be astonishing to know that Except Human Being’s, no other living being has the key called “Inherent Transcendental Intelligence” to understand The Secret of life, further Human being’s have no-responsibility to participate or contribute anything in the Cycle of Material Nature as they have to understand & attain their orginal state when in a human body.
An Explanation - If Grass, Plants, Trees are Cause for Sedimentation & major source of Food – in order to control This Grass, Plants & Trees, The Herbivorous Beings are created. In order to Control Herbivorous Beings Carnivorous beings are created. In order to control Carnivorous beings the Urge for Hierarchy (Fighting & Killing within) or Draught or natural calamity and so on……But Human Beings have no responsiblility to Conribute anything in this Cycle, But on contrary use the benefits and justify this Human Life.

The Life of Human Being ( Suggestion):

In the above Explanation every Living being is made to contribute its role in the Cycle of Evolution without their knowledge in order to Maintain this Material Nature. Keeping it convenient enough for the Human Beings to live with the resources provided, aswell to Concentrate On Spirtual objectives and attain their orginal State. But, We Fail to understand the objective of our life and get entangled in enjoying the resources provided, thinking that we are the lords of this nature and our life is to enjoy.

Are we really enjoying…..or have we made our simple system of living more complex and troublesome day by day? Yes we are making it more Complex day by day and suffering in the illusionary world to achieve something which we don’t know or dose not exist in this Material world ie.,”True Happiness”.

We try to earn more than what is required not to enjoy but to pay for such Energy that we use in the form of Fuel for Transportation, Electricity for Appliances, Knowledge for Education, Medicine, Water in the name of Hygiene etc… Whereas everything has been provided in the Nature free of cost and none has bought or created it. We really use a very little portion of our earning for our major requirement ie. Food / Essential Provisions and rest in vain, I pity our state in ignorance & intellectual Stupidity.

Hence we should saggregate what Exactly we want & do what is essential, we should’nt get influenced by our surroundings or Customary Beliefs, on contrary we should try to influence others with our refined thinking, spiritual understanding & Natural Lifestyle.

The Importance of Spiritual Understanding :

Till we identify ourselves as this body, all our approaches for true “Detachment” from material entanglement dose not take place. It is very easy to practice Getting ourself detached from Material Entanglements if we understand the Term “Detachment” in spirtual practice. People often Mistake “Detachment” as living aside all worldly pleasures, relations and live a isolated life, which is absolute nonsense. If that was the Meaning of “Detachment” then there is no meaning of this Creation. The Logic beyond this “Detachment” is not to have any Attachment Mentally with all that is experienced in our life ie., We should not have compulsions in our life and wholeheartedly accept what ever is given by providence.

Mostly we Feel Unhappy or become sorrow if something is not provided or happened as per our taught, You will be wondered to understand that just because we had a thaught prior to some happening and it did not coincide with our thaught we become unhappy, But if you had no taught or expectation you would be contended with what has been provided. ( Accept Life as it happens You will be the most Happiest )

We should be aware that we Re-incarnate depending on the State of Mind we leave our present body at the time of death, Hence We Should act without Attaching the mind in various choices of life & Entangle.

Ex. If you Sow a Seed of a Particular plant or tree will the seedling coming out of it be different or will have the same nature of its source ? Yes, it will have the same nature of its source and nothing can change its tendencies….

Thus, what ever qualities & tendencies we accquire in this present body and those which are deep-rooted in the form of Anger, Greed, Passion, Bewilderment, Envy, Lust and Uncontrolled Sense gratifying nature, a Being suitable to those qualities will be given / forced to accept, by Material Nature in the next incarnation.

“Please Understand that GOD is not responsible for this changeover, Hence we shall not blame God for what we are experiencing in these incarnations, No doubt he is the Source, Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer & Destiny. But, We are the Cause of this entanglement and none other. Nevertheless God in various occasions of our life has been trying to Educate us in the best possible way for understanding our True Self and Attain our original State ”, but we Ignore.

The Need of Transcendental Intelligence :

After coming to a Conclusion with the above information about “Self”, Independently Each Individual Shall Understand that “You Are Not This Body” And further Understand that We are Eternal Servants of the “Supreme God” who Creates, Sustains & Destroys these Galaxies out of his own Free will.

We being close associates(Part Parcel) of the “Supreme God” have Little freedom & are at liberty to enjoy this creation whilst we are Here in these bodies and Not foolishly try to Lord over it or control it or imitate it or own it.

The Super Soul can only be Attained by completely Dissolving The Sense Into The Mind, The Mind Into The Intelligence, The Intelligence into The Soul & The Soul into The Supersoul by Pure Krishna Bhakti, making us realise our True Eternal Transcendental state.

Note: The Mind Is in The Form of Air and It Cannot be Controlled by any means, But has to be Changed its Direction from Material Objectives to Spirtual Objectives & Devotional Services. Only Hearing & Chanting The Lord’s Name Sincerely & Regularly, can control your Mind.

....................Hare Krishna .........................

Important Facts That Keep Your Body Healthy and Medicine free, for a Good Spiritual Life..

The Human body is 3/4th Water & 1/4th Flesh n Bones, Just Like The Mother Earth. Hence You Need to Supply 4-6 Liters of Plain Water Every day and Provide Not More Than 1200 – 2000 Grams of Food Per day, Which will Include Prepared Food, Juices, Snacks, Fruits Etc., Though in Liquid form.

Application : 1-2 Liters Water has to be Supplied Early In the Morning immediately after you wake Up. Wait for 2 Hours and take your Breakfast or Food and Supply Water Only after 2 Hours Ie. 5 Am You Drank Water, 7 Am You Ate Food, 9 Am You Drink Water again. Continue this Procedure for the day.

Note: Salt Free Food will Improve Matabolisim and Produce Enough Insulin & Enzymes For Protection – Excess Salt & Fat are Enemies to the Body, which Destroy the natural Protection Ability and are the main cause for Sickness & inactiviness.

What You Gain – Free Constipation, Free From Bad Body Odours, Flexibility in Movement, Reduces Hair Fall & Pimples, Free from Sun Burn’s, and Complete Concentration to Meditate.

You can Get Rid of – Excess Weight, Rheumatic Pains, Blood Pressure, Regular Headaches, Pains, Infections, Skin Allergies and All those Ailments Which are Chronic in nature or have Appeared Frequently.

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Omkaradatta's picture

One thing about the body...

Most sages will say you are not the body, but the mind often interprets this dualistically, assume it means you should be dis-identified with the body, that the body is something other, something outside you.

Just because we are not the body doesn't mean that the body isn't there. Rather than opposite of identification (dis-identification), what we want is non-identification. We are not the body, but the body is not apart from us either. It's a body, but it's not my body.

It's very difficult (even impossible) for the mind to conceive of the absence of something, so we assume opposite instead. But "you are not the body" means absence of identification with body, not rejection of body. Does this make sense?

Omkaradatta | Sat, 11/08/2008 - 06:56
SAIBABU P's picture

Thanks For Your Comment

With All Due To respects, Shree Omkardatta, it all depends on one's own experiences,situation, maturity & prarabdha karma influencing this Upadhi.

You are in a matured state of mind and wether you are this body or not this body, Acceptence can only lead us to our original state.

Hare Krishna.

SAIBABU P | Thu, 11/13/2008 - 09:04
george's picture

I-Am-The-Body is just a baseless conditioned idea

When you experience that, when you walk beyond the so strong body-attachment conditioning then you will notice with full clarity of experience that you are not the body, no connection at all, you actually have with this "your body" the same relationship you have with bodies of other people.

I know it may sound to you a bit radical. You can only be aware of that by experience.

There was a great piece posted here some time ago that can efficiently lead to that important experience. Just read it and then meditate. The post is at 3 reasons why you believe you are the body, 3 reasons why you shouldn't

george | Sun, 11/16/2008 - 07:49
Omkaradatta's picture

Yes, exactly...

We appear to agree on everything - you said "we have the same relationship with the body as we do with other's bodies" and I said "it's not my body, it's *a* body". Same thing.

Given this, I don't know why you think anything will sound radical here. Perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying.

Omkaradatta | Mon, 11/17/2008 - 00:00