You Are Attention Itself

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"Many spiritual seekers make the mistake
of identifying with their history
as who they are
and expect that person
(which is just attention attached to memory)
will attain enlightenment.

But if you really look,
there is no person there
that is a history moving in time
and going somewhere.

If you really turn your attention
back to what you are in this moment,
all you will find is attention itself.

And that attention is not personal.
It is not bound by space or time.
It has no history.
It is completely free of everything.

But the habit is for attention
to keep contracting into
identifying with thinking
and believing that is what it is.

And then in that identification
trying to find freedom.

But how can an idea of yourself
ever be free?

You simply have to drop the idea
that you are your history.

Not in an intellectual sense.

But to just be present in this moment.
Because what you are is this very moment.
What you are is attention itself.

So then do you let attention rest
in its natural state of being,
or do you, as attention, attach to thinking;
do you attach yourself to a history
and then imagine you are trapped
in being a person separate from everything else?

Because what you can do in this very moment
is be truthful to what you are in this moment.
Not what thoughts tell you is here
but to actually recognize and abide
in the truth of what is here beyond thinking.

Which means to rest in this moment,
to rest in attention itself.
To not keep seeking outside of this moment
to some imaginary future happening or past
but to just be as you truly are.

The spiritual path
is not a moving forward in time
but the inward exploration
into this very moment.

It may seem complicated
from the intellectual mind,
but if you let go of the intellectual mind,
you will see it is incredibly simple.

Much love,


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