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What Sadhana means
Sadhana means awaken to higher or spiritual consciousness. Literally, it means perfecting or reaching to perfection. Perfecting body, life, and mind so that I receive the higher consciousness or awakening to existence that is eternal.
Yoga is Sadhana. Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that implies all practices and also perfection in all of them so that we transcend the very illusion and enter into Peace, Harmony, Happiness.
What is perfect and eternal will always be in the past, present and future. All perfections in spirituality transcend time, space, and causation. Therefore, to know, to awaken to, or to become aware of that existence is Sadhana.
Start Sadhana – become aware of life as IT IS
However, who knows. What he knows, how he knows
• What he knows of himself, he is not- the information about himself came from outside – conditionings, he knows of himself what he is not. He ignores of what he IS.
• He wants to know the way he wants to be seen – he creates another world of his own which he projects and lives all the time.
• What he knows of himself at present – the knower creates a gulf , as the knower is the product of the past, memory, civilizations

"When 2 people meet, there are really 6 people present. Each man as he sees himself, each man as he wants to be seen, and each man as he is." - Anonymous
Sadhana begins with – WHAT IS and not what SHOULD BE
• Become aware – WHAT SHOULD BE and WHAT IS- it is awakening
• Become aware – Who wants – SHOULD BE and WHAT IS
• Become aware – WHO does all the efforts for SHOULD BE

Awaken to the existence HERE AND NOW
Become aware of the place of “I” in Time ----------------Space-----------------Causation
Time – running, not waiting for “I and “me”. Time is eternal but “I” “me” come and wants to confine it – this what “ I should be” is the world I create and forget the ‘world as it is”
Space – “I” create “what I am, posses, have, do not have, should have, must have” etc. this is another “world” I create that imposes upon the “world as it”
Causation – world is series of events, circumstances, incidents, relations moving eternally. World is eternal, but “I” want this “eternal world” should be “should be” the way “I” want , it “Should be”
World created by me is an illusion, “I” , “Should be” are also illusions as they create their own world and impose upon the “world as it is”

Awaken or become aware of the world “That is seen” and the world “that should be”
"When 2 people meet, there are really 6 people present. Each man as he sees himself, each man as he wants to be seen, and each man as he is." – Anonymous
Not only there are six people meet when there are only two but there are three people always working, moving and exist with “I”, “me” and “mine”

Become aware of “That Person” in you who always seeks, moves in the world that desires “ SHOULD BE”
Become aware of “THAT PERSON” in you who always wants “the way world is to be seen or you are to be seen”
Become aware of “I” who wants to change the world inside and outside
Become aware of “YOU” “AS IT IS “ – you will drop all the three above and enter into existence of become aware of “reality” behind all three of the above.

Thought – thinking and thinker ----------
“I”, “ME”, “SHOULD BE”, “WANTS TO BE” etc are all thoughts, thought is past, memory, experiences. Thought is separate and different from “What you are”
“ a thought of water” is different from the ‘water”. A thought of “I”, “me”, “mine” , “should be “ are all different from “What you really are”
Can we become aware of “ What we really are”. We need to do nothing –just become “aware”
Then there is “SEER” and “SEEN”.
We know that “seen” constantly changes and “I”, “Me”, “Mine”, “should be” etc are parts of the “Seen” and not the “seer”
Yoga says “you are the SEER” and not the “SEEN”-------------------------------
This is a small shift from “SEEN” to “SEER”
This is awakening
This is beginning of Sadhana that will evolve, transcends one from sufferings and problems.

All Yoga practices if takes one to awakening to SEER is real Sadhana
A man offers prayers for 30 years in church and temple moves mechcnailly with “I,” “me,” “Mine”, “should be”. He does not get anything
A man becomes aware of the “SEER” and “SEEN” HERE AND NOW. He is awakened here and now. He enters into PEACE, HARMONY AND HAPPINESS here and now.

All practices awaken and “should” awakens as water quenches the thirst of the body. But when mind thinks of “should be” , then it says,”Oh! I drank water but still I feel thirsty.” This is because mind is involved in “Thinking”, “Thinker” and “thought”.
Mind creates all this – I, me, mine, should be, must be, etc
When “SEEN” and “SEER” are separated, Mind drops or dissolves, SEER comes in front. All thoughts drop by itself. There is not effort required. One enters into immutable peace.
Sadhana is HERE AND NOW and not and never in future
There is body, life as breath, mind, emotion, intellect, ego, outer world of home, relations, events, incidents, disease, health, money, possessions.
But then there is a world that we create have disease, discomfort, pleasure, cravings, passions, should be , wanting, jealousy, hatred, anger, aggression, agitation, memory etc . “I”, “My” and “me” starts moving into the world we created and forgets the “world as it is”. We become unaware of the “SEER” and we start living, moving, and acting into the “SEEN” alone. This is misery, sufferings, ignorance, and afflictions.

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Beautiful but messy

This is beautiful and wise text though very hard to follow because of the messy and disordered structure - no spaces, no paragraphs, no editing. Pity.

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