Yoga Practice - 2

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Thus we begin our inner travel safely undisturbed. It helps natural development. We don’t fear for the nothingness. Rather, WE BEGIN TOLIKE IT AND LOVE IT AND WANT TO BE CONTINUOUSLY IN SERENITY. THIS HAPPENS NATURALLY WITHOUT ANY EFFORT ON OUR SIDE.
There are people who start with concentration. They select a spot or object for their concentration. They look at that point with open eyes. As time pass on, the eyes shed tears, mind becomes blank and dull. When the mind loses its power no object in the surroundings enter into the mind. They feel that their concentration work resulted. WHAT HAPPENS REALLY IS THAT MIND BECOMES DULL AND LOSES ITS CONSCIENCE. THAT KIND OF DULLNESS IN NO WAY HELPS SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

We get similar forgetfulness in the process of meditation also. But, it is entirely different. We don’t lose our conscience at all, more over it sharpens. We will know every change, every phase. That is the indication for development. AT A STAGE WE WILL BE STUCK UP. THAT IS CROSS ROADS. FOR A SHORT PERIOD, WE ARE CONFUSED. How to move? We cannot proceed, we don’t recede. We will be in doldrums. There we must naively keep mum. IF WE PROCEED AFTER A LONG STAY IN SILENCE, EVERYTHING BECOMES SPIRITUAL. IF WE RETURN HOME, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN AGAIN IN THIS LIFE.

Oh! That is fantastic world. That is the ideal land we dream about. It is the land of divine light. It is the land of enlightenment. It is the land to where each soul wants to retreat. THAT IS ETERNAL. Having come to that state, a yogi can read the minds of other people. He can here soundless tracks. He can visit the great-departed saints and can talk with them, can even have their grace and benevolence. WE NEED NOT CRAVE FOR THOSE MIRACULOUS POWERS. TO HAVE NO DESIRE IS THE BEST WAY. The desire for Mystic powers causes EGO in the Yogi. EGO ALWAYS HELPS A FALL. Even reputed Yogis, who describe themselves as Avathars, decline due to EGO.

The prime concern of an aspirant should be Sadhana, nothing else. HE SHOULDNOT EXPECTS IMMEDIATE RESULTS OR SUPER NATURALPOWERS. He should cut off all his desires and only hope spiritual development with a clean mind. There should be no demands on the part of Sadhaka. One should necessarily devoid of Ego and selfishness. One should surrender totally to the great cause that means ALMIGHTY.

Now, THE DIMENSION OF YOGA IS CHANGED. We can define Yoga in modern terms. The aim and object of Yoga have been changed. YOGA ISNOT MEANT FOR MOKSHA OR ATTAINMENT OF HEAVENS. It is intended to improve our values in the world, to improve our personality, to accelerate our endeavor in life, to enjoy fully and blissfully. We need not retreat to a forest resort or a mountain cave for peaceful meditation. WE CAN BE PEACEFUL EVEN IN A MARKET PLACE, IF WE TOTALLY SURRENDER TO THE GREAT CAUSE. At any time, in any place we can practice Yoga. Just an Hour or two Hours of Sadhana is enough for an ordinary man or even to an adept. That much of practice will give fulfillment and fully fill our lives with joy and happiness. It will automatically lead us to Spirituality
- Master CVV Namaskaram -