YOGA – Meaning

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YOGA – Meaning

The real meaning of the word Yoga means meeting the Satguru. The word Yoga comes from the verb “Yuj”, which means the union. Satguru is the human incarnation of the Lord. The Lord will exhibit the Maya consisting of the three qualities. When the devotees are tested, this Maya is mainly made of the full expression of Rajas and Tamas. Such Maya is used to test your firm faith and your assimilation of the spiritual knowledge. By this devotees generally run away and such Maya of the Lord Datta is very strong and He appears as drunkard and fond of prostitutes. When Kartaveeryarjuna approached Him with his defective hands, the Lord broke the two hands.

But he continued in the service with blind faith and got thousand hands. Thus we should have patience in the tests of the Lord. Lord Krishna also showed several defects like stealing the butter, dancing with the women etc., to divert the devotees. In order to have patience in His tests without being disturbed by Rajas and Tamas, you must have a pre-training in this world to raise yourself beyond these three qualities. In fact the Lord is beyond these three qualities and is untouched by them.

To get such kind of patience before the Lord, you have to take training in the world. In such training you will develop the patience to face these divine tests from the Lord in human form. Therefore, Yoga is defined as the union or achievement of this equilibrium unperturbed by these three qualities.