Yoga of Buddha - 2

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To get out of human bondage is NIBBANA, that is Nirvana. There would not be another birth to soul because there is no soul as such. Feeling of the Higher is Yoga. Merge with the higher is Yoga perfection. Feeling itself is spiritual.

In the later days Buddhism declined. Tantra entered into Buddhism. It had gained half Vedic coating. Buddha never wished it to be another religion. But it became a religion. In India Buddha became an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and being dubbed a Hindu. In India, like Tantra and Marma Yoga, Buddhism retreated to mountain caves, and the Himalayan resorts and completely became esoteric. Now, it is not within the reach of a common man. We adore Buddha for his compassion and love. But we don’t follow him. In the beginning Buddhism conquered religion and caste barriers and ultimately it settled as a religion and became a high caste.

- Master CVV Namaskaram-