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The followers of Sankara favor Advaitha. They believe in delusion – In Maya. The whole world is delusion to them. They do not believe in the reality or existence of physical world. The reason for their belief is – one day or other what is being created will be dissolved. What that permanent should not dissolve. So, only Eshwara or Brahmam would have reality. That is said to be eternal. BUT THE FACT IS OTHERWISE. THIS WORLD IS BEING CREATED. IT IS A FACT.ONE DAY IT MAY BE DISSOLVED. SO LONG AS IT IS EXISTED IT MUST BE REAL. IT CANNOT BE A DELUSION. Buddha did not accept this theory. He proposed a similar theory ‘SUNYA’. Both Buddha and Sankara sailed in the same boat. The basis for both the theories is that man lives in delusion, on false knowledge. He lacks real knowledge about the creator and the creation. With intuition and self-knowledge man is expected to know all that is unrevealed and that is mystic. So, what that cannot be permanent is Maya and that cannot be perceived and Higher Intelligence can know known by senses.

So, all yogis stress on the unknown, may it be a state or conception but it will be brighter and higher than this Mundane world. All yogis do meditate to find Truth on their own accord. SO TRUTH BECOMES PERSONAL. Maya is a two-sided coin. One side is cover, the other side is mystery. One is beyond truth; the other is hidden behind untruth. WHAT IS MAYA? If we can cross the cover seal we find Truth. What we consider, as mystery can be chase and dissected. Analysis of the self, meditation on proper lines and independent approach lead to the path of Enlightenment.

Let us not be guided by Buddha and Sankara for a while. Let us study facts with our own intelligence. All facts may not be real. What is true must be a fact. WHAT IS TRUTH? It is a big one million-dollor question. WHAT WE KNOW THROUGH OUR HEART IS TRUTH. OTHERS MAY NOT ACCEPT IT. TO US, IT IS TRUTH. Truth readily comes to us. We must prepare ourselves to receive it. YOGA PREPARES US AND LIFTS US TO THE LEVEL, WHERE FROM WE CAN HOLD OF TRUTH DIRECTLY.

Practice and Experience.
However small an experience may be in the beginning of practice, it gives immense encouragement to the Sadhakas. That experience may not shower worldly benefits, but it awakens the dreaming of feelings. That kind of heart felt feeling leads to inner awakening. This divine happiness in an individual is indivisible. We cannot share it with others. We cannot distribute it to others, how much we love them. At times, the spiritual experiences will be sour and pungent. Then we feel depressed and desolate. Yet, we progress well on spiritual lines. They are pathless. We should scale the heights freely and independently.

IF ANYBODY OFFERS A HELPING HARD WITH PROMISES THAT HE WOULD LEAD YOU TO THE MAIN TRACK IN A SHORTER TIME, DON’T BELIEVE SUCH PEOPLE. Nobody can help you. YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF. Self help is the best help in spiritual growth. Others can encourage you. ONLY A REAL GURU CAN HELP. You need not renounce any pleasures and profits. Yet you can meditate, you can do Yoga and benefit yourself. IT IS ENOUGH IF YOU CAN CULTIVATE DETACHMENT MENTALLY. Be a Sanyasi internal. Do not attach too much to any person or profit. Don’t be selfish. Be open-minded. You will be free from worries and attachments. Our worries start with personal attachments. Be alone, be aloof, you will come up in Yoga.

DELUSION is the main hurdle in our spiritual travel. That will cover our soul with dirt. It will obstruct us. It will enhance our EGO. If we are free and independent nothing will stand in our way. A Yogi should cross the 3 stages – SAT, CHIT, ANANDA.
SAT – All that have physical dimensions come under SAT.
CHIT – All mental workings and feelings belong to CHIT.
ANANDA – IT is the third state and a Yogi should cross it.

Sankara proposed the path of Wisdom to Yoga perfection. WHAT HE MEANS BY PERFECTION IS MOKSHA. Moksha means deathlessness or merging with Brahmam or Eshwara. He follows the principle of negation. The negation principle works out denying one after the other, what seems not true. It finally touches ‘I’ – NESS and EGO. Those two are to left out. When the I-Ness is dismissed, the yogi simply merges in nothingness. When he loses contact with the physical body, he develops a MENTAL BODY. That means ‘FEELING’ alone remains. He just feels he is not with the physic but with the psychie. When he surpasses the Psychie, he just launches in nothingness which has no bounds and which Eternal. That is the state of “SACHIDANANDA’. A stage where Sat, Chit, Ananda consciousness do exist at one point.

It is a search for not finding but knowing only.
Knowing is different from knowledge.
Yoga means knowing by our self.
First – we must have confidence, we must have strong determination to practice Yoga sincerely and seriously. We must be able to live righteously. Then we can acquire a real knowledge about Yoga.
Meditation requires 3 qualities in us.
One – We must feel and prepare our bodies ready for Yoga and higher knowledge.
Two - We must clearly understand that this world is a stage where we perform our portion and exit.
Three – Leaving all traditional and customary habits, we must get inside our hearts and merge in nothingness.

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