Yoga Analysis - 2

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Who am I?
What am I?
What I will be?
What is the world about?
What is birth?
What is the meaning of death?
Such questions are not at all answerable. They need enquiry. They cause inquisition. This thought provoking enquiry leads man nowhere. That nowhere is some where beyond. To find real answers to such unknown originals, one should jump in the yoga abyss.

We do not consider a person having bookish knowledge of Yoga, as a real Yogi. A Yogi needs experience in meditation, not knowledge. He should start knowing by himself. Will it be possible to practice yoga without prior knowledge? Yes definitely possible. Even a lay and uneducated person can become a Yogi on practice. A great scholar with abundant knowledge of Yoga cannot be a Yogi without practice. Knowledge of Yoga helps to speed up, to settle in the line easily. We can’t find truth in books at all. By reading and reciting the Vedas and Upanishads we can be at ease. Truth comes nearer to Yogi, none else.

Sri Krishna and Acharya Shankara in the name of social justice brought division in society and strongly established castism in India. Gowthama Buddha discarded totally the caste division in the Hindu Society and tried to establish and renovate self-will and self-confidence on different lines. He even put aside gods and religious beliefs. Adi Sankara was out and out religious. He had no knowledge of other religions of the world. His thoughts never went beyond the Himalayas. He was satisfied with commentaries on the Vedas and Upanishads. He was successful in giving a glamorous touch to Advaitha. Man should become wise through inquiry, through penance. An attempt to know truth does not come under desire. Desire is worldly. A desired object will have dimensions. It should appease the senses. Knowledge of the self is essential to find Truth. A philosophical approach is also essential. ‘Gnana Yoga’ is the basis of Sankara. Higher Intelligence is the basis for Buddha.

Even though Acharya Sankara stood as an epitome of Gnana Yoga, he was far from worship. He wrote a number of Slokas in praise of goddess. Because he was deeply rooted in Hinduism, he was not universally accepted. The nature of man is always dual. Human life is filled with duality, half worldly, half spiritual.

When his worldly desires are fulfilled, he would turn his mind towards God or heaven. If he fails in his worldly pursuits, then also there is a chance to turning towards god, in utter despair. Then it would be an escape or retreat. Man can lead a happy life, if he doesn’t desire much. If he utilizes all opportunities on hand, he can be happy. The problem arises when he desires what he deserves not, when he is not content with what he possess. So, it is prime weakness of man to desire more and more. If contended, he can create a heaven on earth. Of course, still a question arises. WHY ALL THIS? Man believes in heaven. He hates the world he lives in. He doesn’t know what heaven is. How it would be…so, it is a fanciful world, which he believes that he can enjoy there, what he is unable to do here on earth. That is the reason, why man always craves for spirituality.

In brief, the first target of all aspirants would be spiritual upliftment along with divine life. Merge with Brahmam would be the next goal. This Brahmam is not Brahma belonging to the Trinity. The Brahmam is higher consciousness, which is Infinite, which is always full, which doesn’t born or die or diminish or decline. That must be Origin no-1. By nature of its quality we can call it stream of consciousness. Simply we call it God. Hindu religion described it in many forms and worshipped in many ways. It is all a different story. Every religion in the world has such different stories of its choice. But Yoga doesn’t have any relation with any religion. All Yogis meditate on Brahmam beyond, which is Para-Brahmam. Every atom that is being created will have that Brahmic quality so it will respond to Brahmic touch. Each atom’s energy belongs to Brahmam itself. That turns into atomic energy. In brief it is Atmic power.

Man is incomplete. He is not what God had expected him to be. He is not perfect. Everybody thinks he is complete and perfect. That is the irony. Man is distinct because he got brains what other being are lacking. So man can think of himself, his Self and the circumstances under which he was created. Yet, it is a mystery unraveled. He exists, yet he doesn’t know the secret of his existence. YOGA HELPS TO UNDERSTAND THAT SECRET. YOGA HELPS TO ATTAIN PURE KNOWLEDGE. YOGA HELPS TO FACE TRUTH DIRECTLY. IN THE SEARCH OF TRUTH, THROUGH YOGA, MAN BECOMES WISE, INTELLIGENT & PERFECT. Mere bookish knowledge does not reveal Truth. Yoga opens the doors to the chamber of the SELF. MEDITATIONS, DEDICATION, CONTEMPLATION & TOTAL SURRENDER are the four pillars to Spiritualism.

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Kindly with respects...

...Enlighten me what the following words mean and how they interact with each other:-

and not the least,

Jai K Garg | Wed, 08/26/2009 - 04:29
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Adi shankara is shankara by

Adi shankara is shankara by himself.His coming to the earth was the need of the day.Great people always come to earth with a mission.The advaitha philosophy envisaged by him may not be liked by some people.Integration of hinduism divided between gods was his sole task so he might have not toured the world.

mbnarayana | Wed, 08/26/2009 - 05:22
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I totally agree with you ...

...Lord "Shankara" Shiva will visit this world in Kaliyug and open his third eye to destroy self styled Yogi's, Bhogi's, Rogi's and the Dhongi's purify each one of us with his eternal fire.

I also believe Hinduism respects and accepts all religions.
It is the seed to crystal formation for the Lords pleasure.

May God be with you.

Jai K Garg | Wed, 08/26/2009 - 05:33