WTT v's HTT brain

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WTT brain: the LIMITED What-to-think brain
HTT brain: the LIMITLESS How-to-think brain.

WTT brain: Matter MUST be real – regardless of how unreal Physics tells us it is.
HTT brain: matter is just as unreal as Physics tells us it is.

WTT brain: 9/11 MUST be terrorism.
HTT brain: 9/11 is OBVIOUSLY Demolition

WTT brain: “I think therefore I am.”
HTT brain: both “thinking” and “ I am” are thoughts that can be no more real than physics' matter. If I could think, control thinking, then I would not think like a genius I would be a genius ... if I could think I would be thinking about the future before it happens... win lotteries.

WTT brain: god MUST love mankind, regardless of all the hate.
HTT brain: if god doesn't hate mankind he would not have created it, hate. ... and if man created hate then he could do what god could not.

WTT brain: realization MUST be chasing all the gurus and gods that make matter appear real.
HTT brain: Derealization of matter makes it exactly what physics tells us it is: unreal. Before creation there was ONLY god -- there was nothing else for him to create out of but him-SELF – so everything in creation must be the only thing that existed before creation: god him-SELF.

-- O'no