Worlds Within Worlds

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I can't say anything except I love you

Knowing that I can but stand by

Like a ghostly apparition

And hold your hand
And cry with you
And smile with you

There's nobody there

It's your own love
That sings to you
And holds you

Aaahhh... life

Like these beautiful plump succulents and prickly cacti

All so, so beautiful

"Okay"...I say

Going through the motions

There's no argument in me

Loving you even more

And nothing is out of place


Not even the fear

Utterly understandable
When the sense of self feels so solid
As solid as the body feels

And remembering back to those days, decades ago

When the insights of all those previous births went flashing before my eyes

It left me quite confused at the time

Having seen through no self before that

It isn't difficult to see now
How solidly entrenched was the belief in the solidity of the self
Being there

Being carried forward
So to speak


My guess... that's where all the talk of and beliefs in even reincarnation comes from for most

This solidity of the self

And a natural spontaneous uncontrived compassion arises

How could it not

And the whole world flows through you
As you
All the joys and sorrows

Not mine
Not yours

The breath inside the breath

It's like being bust wide open

Just standing by

Loving you
Holding you
Wide open

And fall into each other

Knowing we can never really touch

As world within worlds

Begin to unravel and fall apart

And one comes face to face
With death
Just the thought of it

And fear gripped
Scared shitless
Like you kind of shrivel up and die
Bit by bit

Au naturel!!

And you don't say

Eat cake

This achy-breaky heart

And yet

There's a fine line

However translucent

Transparent even

Between feeling another's pain
And being dragged down
The rabbit hole
When they're falling

Everything is felt deeply
Sans the accompanying chemical waterfall
Of that plummeting
When even the falling
Has fallen

Like reaching out to touch
Backward in time
Who isn't there
And never was

When you've already been dragged over the coals yourself

And the brain's gone bust
Seeing through it's own charade

It doesn't leave one immune though
Not at all

Like a touch me not

I'd realised long back
That if I could no more feel pain
I wouldn't be able to feel joy either

One doesn't become like a rock

That's like playing dead

I'd watched up close and personal
Those that were seemingly unaffected

Either by their own pain
Or the pain of others

And the pretence of having transcended these human emotions
The pretence of feeling safe

What a dumb charade

The brain keeping it up
Holding it at bay

Lest it falls all the way
And collapse

And what a load of effort that takes
To keep that pretence up

Fiddling while Rome burns


There is simply no defence
Standing naked in the market place


Love dances
And sings

And laughs
And weeps

And loves

Like this