The world peace mission of Maitreya.

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Press Release of the world peace mission of Maitreya…

The world peace mission of Maitreya,

After living a spiritual life, I, Rogier Pondaag received (after weeks of initiation) from a group of heaven the message that Jesus (God) wanted to marry me. I received the name Maitreya. Maitreya is the so-called new world teacher awaited by all religions. I have a message of world peace. My mission where you can follow me, a world free of national borders, everything for free for everyone and amnesty to all prisoners to celebrate life together! I invite the world’s population to gather around the pyramids to celebrate this.

What I say about my mission, “I’m not here to heal you, not to bring awareness, not to bring enlightenment or establish a new religion. I do not heal because you are health because you are peace and health is inner peace. I can not heal, i can’t make sick, he who understands the depth of these words is conscious of his wholeness and perfection. Do not raise awareness because you do not need to understand anything to find truth about yourself. Do not bring enlightenment because you do not have to do anything to be yourself. I don’t enlighten you, because who you really are can’t be woken up or made to go to sleep. I don’t establish a new religion because believe implies that disbelief is also possible; knowledge of God does not really have an opposite. Knowledge of God is knowledge of the self. We share one self, that’s love, like one big family. What love is can not be learned because there never was a time in which you knew it not. The consciousness of the presence of love is inner peace. What really is happening is the unchanging peace that you are. What I’m talking about has always been the case. You have never, not been yourself. ”

The world stage is like a movie that is being played on a movie screen and you are like the movie screen that remains undamaged, what ever movie is playing. The world, the movie with its actors and the subtitles that what you thought happened never really happened

Born in a body has no meaning, not once, not several times. My boundlessness makes me formless and my formlessness makes me omnipresent, what means I’m everywhere. We talk to each other from God to God.

Heaven is no place, or state, it is a consciousness of perfect unity and the realization that there is nothing outside or inside that. We have never done anything, in reality nothing has ever happened that we thought happened. We are not the victims of things that seem to happen to us. We are not the doer, we do not even move because everything is the same in itself, everything is love, in that sense nothing changes and we are innocent. He who is everything is going nowhere in that sense you are heaven. We are not going into something and nothing appears in us.

What is unchanging (and that’s what your real nature is), is eternal and what’s eternal reminds us of an invisible world.

I urge you to spread the message and share expertise so that global cooperation can arise in every area so that the world becomes a beautiful place.

It’s not about the miracles I could perform but for what we can do for each other for the world in love and unity, that’s the real miracle. Let’s do this together!

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