In this world of grand illusion, only God makes sense!

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These are difficult, testing times, both personally and globally. The world is being shaken up, both physically and spiritually and none of us can remain untouched or unmoved by the anguish and suffering of our brothers and sisters in Japan. I have seen images of shock and despair that will remain forever imprinted upon my soul-how much worse must it be to actually be living such a terrible nightmare?

Somehow, I find my faith in God,remains intact and strangely,unexpectedly has even deepened. I have prayed and I have wept, asked why,oh God why,must people suffer, like this?It seems so wrong-how on earth do we ever make sense of such tragedies?

I do have a spiritual perspective, but at the same time I cannot ignore or undermine the sorrows being experienced,on a very real level, by my fellow human beings.

All I can ever really offer is my own vision and understanding and the thoughts that have flooded through my consciousness, in answer to my questions.

Lives have been lost under truly dreadful circumstances and their loved ones must feel an unbearable heartache, that somehow they must try to endure.

I also believe,in my heart of hearts that those departed souls are now recovering from their earthly ordeal in the spirit world,receiving absolute and utter love and divine healing,that is beyond anything we could ever imagine.

Their lives were not in vain,because of them,hearts are melting and filling with love,empathy and compassion. They have helped to open up and activate the higher qualities in humanity and in that sense,I feel those departed souls have left behind the very finest gifts,of all and served the highest purpose.For that I bow to them with deepest respect and thankfulness and I pray that those left behind to mourn them will find some kind of spiritual solace and be comforted by the outpouring of love and compassion that has been awakened in so many hearts,because of them and the way they departed this world.

We are also now being confronted with the reality of the exsistance of nuclear reactors -which is a complete abomination upon the face of the earth and maybe at this stage only God him/herself can actually save us.

Meanwhile,today was the most glorious day here in England in the springtime,the sun shone it,s warmth and its light and the blossoming trees were a joy to behold,the birds sang,the flowers bloomed and the bees buzzed,busily!It felt quite heavenly and I breathed in all the beauty and thanked God and Mother Earth for everything.

Blessings to one and all,may all beings become happy,Om Tat Sat,Kyrie elesion,Lord have mercy,Shalom.