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The universe is a mirror in which is reflected the being and beauty
of God. God's universe is ruled by his eternal laws. In the East, the
law of cause and effect is called the law of karma. In the New
Testament it is expressed in the words: "Whatever a man sows, that he
will also reap." What is written is written and no man can change the
eternal plan. That which is decreed by God's will occurs on this
earth. There is system, method, order, regularity everywhere in this
universe because the universe is, ultimately governed by God.

This world is the body of the Lord. This world, though it really is
not, appears to be. Know that it is nothing but a reflection. When
you know the rope, the snake -knowledge disappears. Even so, the world
does not really exist and yet appears to be existing through
ignorance. It disappears with the knowledge of the atman on which the
illusion of the world is superimposed. In Brahman or the absolute,
this world shines falsely, owing to ignorance. It is not true, even
as dreams under the influence of sleep. It is because of illusory
superimposition on the part of the individual that the empirical
names and forms appear to be real. When, by the power of meditation,
the effect (world) is negated as unreal, the cause (Brahman) also
ceases to be a cause. The certitude or conviction that the universe
is not the supreme Brahman is itself avidya (ignorance). Hence the
certitude that, "The universe is Brahman alone", is emancipation.

The world is a spirit manifested in space and time. When you look at
the absolute, through the senses, it appears as the universe. The
puryastaka (body) is composed of the eight that is mind, egoism,
intellect and the five objects of the senses (sound, sight etc.). All
these, composed of the five elements, are appearances only. So also
is time through right discrimination. In this mortal world,
everything perishes, but the ideas and the ideals do not perish.
Ideas are more enduring than objects, which are perishable, but
atman, the immortal soul endures forever. Just as the universe
appears dark to the blind, and shining to those who have eyes to see,
so it appears blissful to the sages and painful to the ignorant.

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Actually most of the eastern doctrines say that one's karma is merely the accumulated sanskaras (impressions, conditionings) and not some mysterious cosmic force.

They also say that karma is not predetermined and not unchangeable. By observing your conditionings consciously and not reacting on them automatically and unconsciously, you can eliminate them and influence your karma (this is for example what the Vipassana meditation does).

suzame | Thu, 09/04/2008 - 14:24
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i dare to see!

i dare to see the whole cosmos in my body and brain first by
vishnu sahasranama recitation etc
next because i have descended for a purpose....

but reflection shows
the embodied beings of moksha ticket just enjoy asper their wish a heaven (but shall we say an illusion runs inside the great inner visvaroopa.u have to accept it when the truth is known)

bound to universal meditation of bhagavad gita etc etc
i have first hand experience of true events .....
may be tapped any moment....
with love

dhorai | Mon, 11/17/2008 - 18:47