World Academy of Advaita Laya Yoga - the doctrine that leads to hell

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Monastery of Yoga "Guhya Samaj"

ARE YOU PROMISING TO TREAT WITH RESPECT PRECIOUS LAYA-YOGA TEACHING AND TO THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE, ARE PURE YOUR INTENTIONS? If yes, then read the TRUTH about the former political officer of the Navy of Russia, vile crook, to which the JAIL is crying, and his gang of accomplices ...

Advaita striding confidently across the planet, "luring in their networks more and more people! As the spread of the teachings of Advaita appears and a huge number of people claiming to be "enlightened". Some behave modestly and quietly, while others travel around the world with lectures by arranging the so-called "sat-sanga. However, some manage to "their darsanam" earn good money (by declaring themselves "enlightened" - Ram Tzu, for example, takes a lot of money from people for the opportunity to contemplate itself). So, looking at all this, one wonders: Who is the true teacher and who is a crook of spirituality? How to separate "the lambs from the goats?

The so-called World Academy of Advaita Laya Yoga - the doctrine that leads to hell-an interesting phenomenon among the latter-day home-grown sects. Our cultural and historical society "veda" and I personally have a mass of detailed information about the origin and formation of this community.

From the beginning, everything here is also implicated in the charlatanism and imposture. However, unlike "teternikovtsev" and similar "Tantrics", "guhyasamadzhisty" are not obsessed with sex, and focus on practice (very eclectic) yoga and meditation, most of them simply borrowed from the" Aum Shinrikyo ". It was wild and ignorant submission to the leaders of this community about Buddhism, Tantra etc. just neprevzyatogo obvious to any observer. Depressing primitive doctrine and practice - a distinguishing feature of this strange sect.

In this regard, it makes sense to identify the key characteristics "non-traditional worship" or "New Age Group:

1) illegitimate or questionable purchase of their leaders the status of "guru", "on the master," etc. (simply, imposture and forgery, where in addition to their own statements of other "evidence" simply does not);

2) "gibberish" and psedosanskritskie (or psevdotibetskie, etc.), names of teachers, schools and spiritual centers, or use a completely uncharacteristic for "their" schools of names and terms; Examples: gibberish psevdosanskritskoe name Guru Har Santem (G. Statsenko), the leader of the Academy of Yoga "or typical Vaishnava (Hare Krishna) the names of Swami Vishnu Deva and his followers from the community" Guhyasamaja "(though they themselves did not belong to the Vaishnava, and are not a Buddhist, not a" just yogis). Or Novosibirsk Center Sotidanandany (which means sanskritoobraznoe "Sotidanandana" No one can not convincingly explain).

3) complete ignorance religious leaders and their assistants, a smattering of specific oriental languages, traditions and mystical systems (in classical Buddhism, Hinduism and Chinese religions at training future religious leaders - and even more gurus! - Takes a long time) Is the mole - convict Valery Mintz, who lives in a dark underground lair, may provide excitement and freedom of soaring among the clouds, flying over the tops of the mountains eagle?

4) an eclectic mix of completely different origin and oriental techniques (from yoga and tantra to Buddhism and Taoism), in conjunction with their own "original ideas" of his (or close by occupation) leaders and trainers;

5) indifference to the traditional sacred texts and other primary sources, even "their" schools;

6) pressure reduction of worship to the level of purely symbolic, or to honor a particular "living god" (leader of the group or some kind of "enlightened masters" such as Osho), or even its complete absence;

7) the absence of the traditional system of initiations and training of religious leaders or the substitution modernist inventions (for example, receive virtually any, even the status of "Bodhisattva" (!), Dedications of money in the "Aum Shinrikyo");

8) lack of real esotericism: "esoteric" referred to almost any knowledge, books and practice offered by almost all "who log in the street" without any preconditions and obligations (except that in addition to payment);

9) activity is not so much in the form of actual religious practice, but in the form of various "seminars", "retreats", "training", etc., are usually set on a commercial basis;

10) practiced under the guidance of the illiterate and morally unscrupulous "artists" and "trainers" psychic methods are not always harmless to health practitioners (as demonstrated by mass).

I can not say that all of the "New Age groups and their leaders are charlatans and the like, but, unfortunately, the forgery of a" tantra "and in general the whole" New Age business in general is not always so harmless, as may at first glance seem.

In the history of the planet and there is mention that several yogis and magicians reaching a certain height of his art, not withstanding his own pride, stood on their way to meet ambitious interests, completely forgetting about the Lord. In their possession were mystical abilities, and the names of power that can shut the gates of hell any. Where are they falling? Path to heaven was closed to them. They are not in heaven, not on the ground and did not find them in Adaja so where's the rest of their souls? The thing is, they fell in Hell, THEY they become, and their short-sighted students acquire a embodiment of a karmic connection, it is in fact a world of woe itself represented by such teachers, that is Adaja.