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Words are our greatest obstacle. We live in a world of words and thoughts which is not connected to any real basis outside the realm of speech. This whole cycle of speech and memory is our whole world in which we live and transact. There is very little of the Real in it and whatever little is there is unconsciously imbibed and keeps us sane. The difference between someone who has crossed over to the side of what is called insanity is that he has severed contact with that little Real too or the reality of words and memory in him far overshadows anything else.

The sooner we realise that speech is only a means of communication and there is a Real world beyond it we will keep ourselves trapped in the false. The only reason we do not realise it is collective amnesia in this regard and this also gives a semblance of sanity to otherwise insane living. The difference between sanity and insanity is very thin but that between the false life that we live and the real is immense.

Only a wholehearted dedication can help us undo the spell that words have cast over us.