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A wonderful experience shared by a member who took the course:

Mani. K from Ipoh, Perak wrote,"I attended the seminar on 23.11.2009. At that time, I was struggling with two jobs. From 5am till 9am, I worked as a newspaper vendor. Then from 9am till 8pm, I worked as a mechanic repairing motorbikes in a motor shop. All in, I was earning RM 1200. After attending the seminar, within six months, I got a salary increase. I continued practising the meditation and techniques taught by HDG in pursuit of my ambition to open my own motor-shop. On 30.08.2012, I opened my own shop specialising in repairing motorbikes and sales of spare parts as well as accessories from Hi-Rev. This was indeed a tremendous achievement for me particularly since Hi-Rev is extremely selective about their distributors, relying on high standards and good paymasters. Among the distributors chosen, I was the only Indian. Within a year of opening my shop, I was among the top achievers in Perak. Enclosed is the certificate and two gold pendants I received. Today, all by the grace of HDG, I have purchased a second shop to diversify and upgrade my business. I am only 27 years old. All this happened purely by the grace of my Spiritual Master. My sincere gratitude to my Master who lifted me from a newspaper vendor cum mechanic to a life filled with prosperity and happiness".

One of the numerous experiences by those who have taken the Yoga Sakthi Payirchi

Note: Next Yogic Power Empowerment Event is on 24th November 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Some nice experiences shared by members

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Note: Next Yogic Power Empowerment Event is on 24th November 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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It all depends on what you are looking for and are willing to settle for. Power, peace, joy; Reality is beyond.

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